It wouldn’t be a full moon with a portion (potion) of a throwback. So here I am, joining the initiator of “12 von 12” Caro of “Draußen in Kännchen” on her blog adventure. Now YOU can join me once a month and have a peak in my daily life.

Honestly, this was fun and challenging at the same time. 😀 But looking back, this day was quite diverse. Well, it always depends on perspective and what you do to create adventures.

Without further ado, let’s go.

Notebook, pen and the book Money blessings
Starting my morning with meditation, a short yoga session and rewiring my brain with this awesome book called “Money Blessings”. I am now on Day 45.
morning shadow light magic on coral coloured wall
First time I have noticed this beautiful lighting on my wall in the morning.
Breakfast protein smoothie
This morning my daughter and I enjoyed yummy protein smoothies. Filled with the richness of 2 bananas, oats, peanut butter, sunflower seeds, oat drink, carob powder and a few dashes of cinnamon. It was so delicious, that we both finished our glasses.
Going for an adventure walk
On full mommy and daughter days, we are always going on adventure walks.
human and nature creations next to each other - tree and chimney
A peak behind the green fence of the Arnstädter Möbelwerk (furniture factory). The factory was established at the end of the 19th century. I am fascinated by the look of nature’s creation and the manmade chimney.
Magical house with green fence
It seems like green-coloured fences are a thing today. 🙂 How I fancy this house. Looks so cosy and whimsical.
hollow tree tunk
On our way back, we found this piece of a tree trunk. Looks like a band shell for faeries, right!?
Altar space before picture
Back home. I needed a change. Though I have only lived in this new home for a month, it was time to switch things up. This is before…
Altar space after picture
…and this is after. The cleanliness and rectilinearity have been swopped with more cosiness and open spaciousness.
lenorman readings with toddler and gnome
My toddler loves my card decks. So we decided to have coffee (oat drink for her), cookies and cards in the afternoon.
Getting ready to write a blog
Felt like taking a posed photo of me starting to write this blog, also because of lighting. 😀 Now it is about 4 hours later, as I write these lines. haha
Evening tarot and tea cosiness
Finishing my day with me-time: Tea and Tarot

As I wrap up this post, I can’t stop smiling. This really was a fun experiment. Surely, I will continue creating these laid back articles.

Thank you for joining me on this first throwback of 12 of 12. See you next time.

In gratitude of a new blogging adventure
Lisa Beck

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