It is Thursday. My favourite day. Today promises to be extra favourite. I’ll await 2 packages. One of them I’ve been waiting for since 21st of December. This one is for my soul’s nurturing and remembering. Come join me on a day through my life. How do I take care of all aspects of my bodies – physical, emotional, mental and energetic. I love doing 12 of 12 blog articles hosted by Caro from Draußen nur Kännchen. It is a compilation of 12 pictures that showcase my day. They are random and I never know what that day may bring. Are you curious? Here we go!

Organic products I use for my teeth-, skin- and haircare in the morning and partly evening. Massaging the face with the Gua Sha is truly relaxing, lifting and overall energising as well.
Whoop whoop! After breakfast the day just turned joyfully around with this pleasant surprise. YES! The Guqin I had ordered from Sound of Mountain in December finally arrived.
And here is the beauty of traditional Chinese instruments. It came with a bag, a tuner, cloth, a hook, book with melodies and tassles. Now I’ve got to find a place for it. It is rather big after all. 😀
Ok, last picture of this. 😀 Tuning it and just loving the sound with a few tiny tears in my eyes.
And then the other package arrived. New Tarot deck for my collection. Honestly looking at the cards, I am not sure yet of how to feel about it. Some really speak to me, others certainly don’t. I’ll do a proper welcoming ritual tonight. Perhaps that will bring us closer. It sure is different. And I like different.
Tuesdays and Thursdays I have Chinese online lessons. I use the platform Preply where I have found the most amazing teacher. She is such a lovely human being. We enjoy ourselves everytime. I learn a lot from her. We actual already have small conversations.
Charging the crystals for my water in the singing bowl. I’ll be using fluorite from now on. They are great for teeth health.
Another addition for healthy teeth. Just ordered this oil for my oil pulling practice in the morning. I’ll mix it with the coconut oil. It is supposed to help with clearing bacteria. Additionaly I use 2 drops of chlorine dioxide in my water and since yesterday zeolite. I want to properly cleanse my body as all is connected.
After lunch I am off to the library. The lighting was beautiful. This is one of my favourite spots in Arnstadt and where I met with the spirit of the woodpecker.
Room in the library. Everytime I pay it a visit. The flooring is most stunning.
Books I decided to take about being a parent, adventures with children and how to Feng Shui your relationships.
Working on new artwork for the oracle card deck. This one has taken a few layers already. It is interesting how the theme of the card always becomes apparent during the creation process.

Well, that was an incredibly versatile day. Honestly, it might have been a bit too much for my nervous system to digest. I will take the evening to sort out what has happened. Will draw some cards from the new deck and continue painting. I love nights and early mornings to connect with the spiritual realms.

Soul-guided through life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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