Wow, the last time I joined Caroline and her blogging initiation 12 of 12 was in August! I had in mind to continously do that every 12th of the month. Here we are, 3 months later. 🙂 Thanks to the reminder newsletter by Judith Peters.

Today was a great Saturday. So much diversity and pleasant surprises that I am very grateful for.

I share with you 12 images that give you a taste of what my day was like. Let’s go!

Not a normal breakfast. 🙂 As we had family guests today, we enjoyed this scrumptious vegetarian buffet.
German baking goods at their best.
So happy about the precious gifts from my aunt and cousin.
After that we enjoyed the lovely sunny weather and went on a discovery walk through Arnstadt. Here to see, the natural landmark of an Oak tree.
I am always in awe when I see the beautiful medieval restored half-timber houses.
That bench is usually filled with boxes of books that you can take for a donation.
Surprise flea market in the city. Well, I just missed the posters. Who doesn’t enjoy browsing through trinkets and other treasures.
In love with these angels. They will be joining the winter altar in due time.
Literally figuring out what to do next. …
… Why not continue studying Chinese?
Learning while daughter is playing. I explain some of it to her. She quite enjoys the language.
Closing this post and day with a cuppa.

Join me again in December.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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