Connections to people have shaped and guided me in the direction of becoming more of my true authentic self. Hence having the courage to building my business around my psychic abilties and pathing a way through thicket of conditions, beliefs and fears. Now I want to return the favour and share my teachings, wisdom and inspire as I was inspired by certain people in my life.

This is a tribute to these people as much as it is a tribute to my own becoming.

16 Encouraging Crossway Decisions

1. 1995: Strong (re)connection with Ancient Egypt as a child

Starting at the age of 9, I absorbed anything I could find on Ancient Egypt. Back then this was in books and magazines. I took my interest even to school, when I crafted a collar made out of countless pistachio shells glued together and painted in red and blue. It was a meticulous work that I had so much patience and joy for.

The highlight of my research was a trip to Egypt with my parents. I was astonished by the pyramids and the museum for which we didn’t have enough time, unfortunately. Since then though, I have not been back, at least not physically.

Girl standing in front of the pyraids and sphinx in egypt
9 year old Lisa in front of the Pyramds and the Sphinx

2. 2006: School thesis on “Medicine in Ancient Egypt” rekindled my enthusiasm

In a team of 3 we researched, wrote and analysed all things about the healing arts during the Acient times. The pinnacle of that project was an interview with the Ancient Historian professor Dr. Reinhold Scholl about Papyrus Ebers, the only completely bequeathed scroll of ancient Egyptian medicine. It sparked my interest so much that I had wanted to become an archeologist which didn’t happen in the end, to preempt your anticipation.

3. 2010 – 2011: The spiritual realm opened its gate

Whilst I was living in England, my then-partner acquainted me with spirituality on a new level. We conversed about shamanic soul travel, spirit animals, lost souls and the deep meaning of life.

Our favourite place to go to was the famous store Watkins Books in London which is said to be “one of the world’s oldest and leading independent bookshops specialising in esoterica.” It was there that I immersed myself in books such as “The Alchemy of Nine Dimensions” from Barbara Hand-Clow, several books on Atlantis and Lemuria as well as plenty others.

Looking back, I now realise how intrigued I was already by past civilisations that surely I must have (unconsciously) felt a deeper connection than I had known then.

4. 2010: Anxiety & panic attacks leading to my spiritual awakening

The mental shift started, when I developed panic attacks and strong anxiety in London regularly including calling in sick at work.

Working full time and paying gross cold rent of 900 Euro (plus heating and council tax) in an approximately 40 m² flat on the outskirts of the metropole made me realise THIS IS NOT LIFE.

My station to get off, to go to work, was London Bridge. I remember a moment when I was standing on the southside of the Thames watching the people crossing the bridge. I was awestruck when I realised how everyone, women and men, were identically uniformed and even walking similarily towards the northside of the river and into their misery. It may sound harsh but it is what I felt in that moment.

It was in that moment that I felt so out of place, so alien to London, my work at a digital agency, my life. It was in that moment, when everything started to crumble: my goals, my purpose, my destined path of this illusion I had about living in a big city.

Not long after, I quit my job in hope of finding work in the more rural area of Bath. As this didn’t work out as planned, I stayed in London as an account manager. The agency I worked in for a few month had to shut down and that left me absolutely broke. No money to pay the rent, my only option was to move back to Germany, leaving behind my partner and illusions in October 2011 to start a new chapter.

Woman climbing up a mountain
Facing my fears and obstacles whilst climbing the Untersberg off the beaten path

5. 2013: Clarity of my soul’s journey through past life regressions

The first time I learnt more about one of my past lives (parallel lives) shook me to the bone. The intensity of the feelings and the clarity of what I saw was remarkable. When I was finished I cried in deep release. It set free so many topped up emotions. From then on I decided to dive more deeply into my soul’s journey.

The more lives I started to recall, the clearer the common thread was highlighted.
a) stark betrayal of family and partners led me to untrust people, hence created the need in this lifetime to withdraw from the world more often than usual (striking examples: betrayed by husband and best friend as a mother of two in Germany in the Middle Ages, betrayed by brother as a farmer in South Carolina, USA in the 40s)
b) experiences of unfulfilled divine motherhood and a harmonious home and family life as either I miscarried or was left alone with the child which led to to not feeling deep love and connection to neither of them. (striking examples: experiences in all kinds of walks of lives i.e. 17th century living as Lady in a Manor (country) home in England, 1888 London in poverty, working as silk farmer in India)

These and other re-connections have helped me unravel current life circumstances and led me to working more intensely with my emotions.

6. March 2016: My first extreme Kundalini activation set everything on fire

Not having listened to my intuition I started working at the reception of a 4.5 Star hotel. The immense stress, long working hours, discomfort of the overall strict and joyless atmosphere created high pressure on my highly sensitive nervous system. Like back in London, I developed a strong anxiety and severe panic attacks again. This time it was coupled with extreme body convulsions and shaking, to the point that I wasn’t able to stand on my both feet anymore.

As I wasn’t so familiar with kundalini awakening, I consulted doctors and eventually was on a 6 week sick leave. None of the doctors though were able to find anything physical. It was then, that I finally trusted my intuition and quit the job wich eased the symptoms.

It marked the beginning of my steady withdrawal of the patriarchially influenced system. I began walking my path in alignment with my intuition (most of the time) and fully trusting the abundance of life.

7. Late summer of 2016: How attending telepathy workshops changed my life profoundly

With excitement and lots of anticipation I attended a telepathy workshop with Alfred Steinecker (here in interview with Michael Vogt). The main reason for my attendance was to initiate contact with my star family and guides. During my time there, I gathered an immense knowledge of how to communicate, with whom and what consciousnesses. The highlight of it all was that I truly met my star family telepathically. Thanks to my clairsenses, I was able to see, feel, and have a deep conversation. I was in tears of the loving energy they all emmitted.

After that day, Pandora’s box was opening up to me. I started communicating with all kinds of entities and life forms. It also made me realise how important it was to share that knowledge. For that reason, I attended yet another more advanced workshop under Alfred’s guidance. This time it was about the creation of a telepathy centre. It was when I met another multi-dimensional guide who would have assist me with the building of such institution.

The idea of building a centre has been on my mind for years now. I even have design plans and the exact set up of crystals and such to activate the energy field. I am still to this day interested in creating a place for workshops, events, retreats to share knowledge and wisdom and create connections of physical and non-physical kind.

The ability to use telepathy (again) has awakened an entire spectrum of work, art and healing. I have also written a separate article “Why I love Telepathic Communication” to emphasise the importance of this in my life.

Woman at a lake holding a wand
Working with energies using my customised Merlin wand

8. 2017 – 2019: Creating a telepathy centre in my living room

The calling to encourage the communication of telepathy grew stronger. My experience was so overwhelming that I had a true desire to teach others. In differently themed workshops I regularly invited participants to enjoy the connection with guides, star sisters and brothers, their own soul/ higher self, the black hole, star systems and body molecules/atoms amongst others.

9. 2017: The world of cartomancy opened its doors

With my re-awakened Kundalini, I was ready to start healing my broken parts and exercise accountability. Tarot and its companions of oracle cards became a wise friend to me. I learnt how to read the cards intuitively as well as more deeply whilst in telepathic communication.

During the beginnings of reading cards, I joined different tarot challenges on instagram where I shared about my emotional journey whilst peeling off layer by layer of self inflicted conditions and outer conditions, belief systems etc. I am forever grateful for the hosts and influencers (to name a few: Josephine Hardman, Lionharts, Biddy Tarot) and all the loving and caring people we had in that community.

10. 2017: Intuitive art as healing and ascension guide

Simultaneously to cartomancy, I additionally started creating art to stimulate my emotional healing journey. I used art as a key to opening doorways to all those blocked emotions to then being confronted by the way art found its way through me. I worked with energies of Shiva and Kali and let unfold what wanted to be. Without thinking I was sinking deeper into the colours and shapes and put all of it on canvas. With more and more artwork, I began to believe in myself to being able to create for others and to sell my art.

11. 2018: Recovered memories of priestess life in Ancient Egypt

One day I was impulsed by a post from Evolution of a Soul which showed the golden mask of Tutanchamun. As I was activated by this image, memories of a past life flashed my mind. To go deeper, I connected with it through telepathy. I was shown a life as a snake priestess that was working and guarding the energies of the blue flame.

To celebrate the recovery of this memory, a painting emerged. It shows two snakes guarding the fire of the blue flame, above venus and below mars as two entities of the feminine and the masculine connect in balance.

Artwork with two snakes guarding a blue flame
Artwork “Guardians of the Blue Flame” by Lisa Beck

12. July 2018: Channeling the essence of crop circles in Wiltshire, England

After 7 years, I returned to the lands of my first awakening. This time it had another awakening in store for me: connecting to crop circles.

Summer 2018 was the moment of truth. Through the Crop Circle Exhibition & Information Centre in Pewsey, my back-then partner and I were always up to date about the latest formations. In the community there we met really interesting people like Austin. With him we had quite a memorable encounter with a farmer who accused us of creating the circle and chased us right of the field. Farmers there are not very keen on these formations as it damages their harvest. Some though, are more laid back and open their field for visitors for a donation which is absolutely fine.

All together, we visited four crop circles. As I connected to their energy, I felt striking differences in their spirit. One of them was connected to the Pleiadian heartspace and had a protective energy. Another one was more encouraging and gifted me with an energy overload creating a headache which made me leave the field immediately. The third one was very balancing and created a cocoon-like state within me.

Connecting with the energies at my first crop circle visit

13. August 18th 2018: Courageously fulfilling a life long dream: Self Employment

On that day I was standing on the grounds of the KulturQuartier Schauspielhaus in Erfurt. The sun was shining brightly as I was getting ready to showcase and sell my art at the “Kuchen, Kunst und Krempel Markt” (Cake, Art and Bits and Pieces market). It was all so exciting. I could finally take a deep breath after having prepared for this opening for many months prior: business planning, marketing research, advertising, setting up a website, taking photos, creating business cards, painting artwork, healing from belief systems.

Woman at a market fair selling her art
Attending a market to sell my art and creations

14. Autumn 2018: Art mingled with spirit turns into Soul Paintings

With each year I kept pushing myself to break my limits. As I was already channeling messages with the artwork I created, I was called to do customised soul paintings. In communication with soul, Higher Self, spirit guides and ancestors I have created art that helps and guides my clients. They are then able to connect with their essence as well as to evolve on their spiritual journey. Neither artwork resembles the other as each human’s soul and journey is unique.

15. December 2021 – June 2022: Intense clearing (shadow) work through the course “The New Earth Entrepreneur”

For years I have followed Beth Katherine’s work and had wanted to join one of her programs. In December 2021 she happened to launch another program called “The New Earth Entrepreneur”. My heart bursted open as I excitedly sent the application form.

The following 6 months had been a wild ride filled with deep healing on a cellular level and multi-dimensional level. Encouraging me to blast open what no longer had served me and kept me from pursuing my mission. With each module I aligned myself more with my truth and offerings. Though I had moments of pure self-doubt, her guidance and my higher self kept me from giving up.

16. Today: Journey as soul human connection guide continues

My focus with my soul mission is to guide with compassion, light-heartedness, encouragement and analytical intelligence. I am determined to help my clients to focus on their soul-human balance which by no means is a soft and shallow journey as I have experienced myself numerous times. I wish to inspire others to go their own path attentively.

Card reading holding Heart Chakra Card in hands
Using my intuitive and psychic abilities to helping my clients find more peace in life

In gratitude of serving you
Lisa Beck

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