Allow yourself to

Align your Soul with your Human Self

Integrate your soul’s experience as a human being in a gentle and loving way in order to fully ground your spirit on Earth.

Expand your consciousness without loosing touch with your human beingness.

Let’s be honest, having a human body can be challenging.

  • The feeling of heaviness
  • The need to slow down
  • Less flexibility
  • Physical feelings and emotions that may sometimes be unbearable
  • Having to be patient with ourselves and others and especially our manifestions
  • Mental overload of thoughts
  • Belief-systems that were carried for years and decades
Yet you made the decision to create the vessel you have.
Now the question remains, how do you use it to your most advantage.
Humans are not meant to sit all day, stare into a screen and constantly analyse, think and be influenced by fear. Your body is a vessel for movement with senses to be utilised. You are a human conduit for the Universe’s force.
Use your magic to alchemise yourself and be an active part on humanity’s journey towards a New Earth, a new society, a new paradigm.
Meditation Chalice Well Garden Glastonbury
Meditation at Chalice Well Garden in Glastonbury
Expand continuously through creating yourself.

What awaits you during Spiritual Coaching with me?

Through the sessions we will

  • uncover the blockages, that keep you from realising your gifts and talents
  • face your shadows and embrace them lovingly and compassionately
  • pinpoint what no longer serves your soul development
  • encourage you through the process of finally letting go
  • stop compromising your mental and emotional health and start living from your balanced heart

How are they build?

Sessions are as individual as my clients. To me it is essential to build on a fundament that is based on mutual understanding, respect and taking the personality into consideration.

My coaching is a balance between the masculine and the feminine strengths meaning I approach challenges with an analytical mind as well as the ability to be empathic and move forward intuitively. With me, clients find a save haven as well as a neutral perspective that regards from a higher sense.

Conversations are based on asking suitable and direct questions to get to the root of patterns and turn limitations into expanding the consciousness. My analytical approach to understand and comprehend why life has been the way it is and how the client can start acting differently from now on.

Depending on where we put our focus on, we work with different techniques and methods that are tailored to the client’s needs.

These may look like the following though are not limited to:

  • Connecting with the Higher Self to create a dialogue using automatic writing
  •  Journaling prompts
  • Tarot and Oracle reading that are not based on predesigned spreads, instead creating a story based on intuitively asked questions
  • Meditations that are customised to the client’s requirements
  • Using telepathy connecting to and conversing with, among others, emotions like sadness or aspects like Ego
  • Meeting spirit guides to create a field of love, sense of security and guidance
  • Integrating sound through chanting or humming
  • Light Code activations which are channeled melodies and use of Language of Light to invite energies in the auric field of the client thus anchoring in the physical body
  • Creative expression

Integrating Earth's energies
as an example

How long do we work together?

As of now I offer month to month coaching bundles.
This means, you work with me for an initial duration of 4 weeks which can be extended to another 4 weeks and so on.
During this time, we will have one phone call or zoom video of 60 to 75 minutes per week. In addition, I offer you support via the messengers Telegram or Signal as well as email from Tuesday to Friday from 12 pm to 5 pm CEST. So if you need any further guidance outside of our live calls, you can contact me through the mentioned options.
We work together to dive deep into what needs to be transformed. After the sessions you will feel refreshed, with more clarity and an optimistic outlook for life.
Your 4 week coaching starts at the beginning of a month. For example, if you book with me in the middle of a month, your coaching starts the following month.
Places are limited. Currently I have capacity for 3 to 4 clients per month.
In 4 weeks of coaching with me you invest 450 € including 4 live coaching calls and messenger support from Tuesday to Friday.
If you need a payment plan, please contact me prior booking.
I want to book a 4 week coaching bundle with payment of 450 €