Connect with your Soul Essence

Personal Soul Reading

By connecting with your soul’s essence you will remember the truth in order to become who you are meant to be in this life.

You may understand that you are an energetic being.
Then again, are you truly feeling this and living it to your highest good of your soul’s development within the human experience?

First of all, give yourself credit for what you have experienced thus far, your
decisions, your life choices, your path choices at crossroads and your
existence as a human on this planet.

The human journey is not for the faint-hearted.

It is a bumpy ride filled with

  • lessons
  • karmic relations
  • dense emotions
  • energetic integrations
  • re-learning
  • re-discovering
  • and remembering
At times it feels overwhelming to say the least. It might feel exhausting to not be in the clear of things and circumstances. To not know why certain experiences have been lived through or what the next step is to move forward.
It may dawn on you or you may even have understood parts or all of your story and life patterns. That is great for you and absolutely beneficial to you. If then you also feel like you have integrated your lessons and are ready to move on strongly, congratulations on having created the inner shift.
Either way you may still have unanswered questions or the urge to wanting to connect more deeply to your soul’s wisdom.
For that I am here for you offering a personal soul reading, so you can gain more clarity on
  • what your soul’s energy has to offer
  • what you are able to do, to connect with your soul’s profound energy
  • insights about your currents tasks
  • and information about your current path
These and possibly other valuable information that are of importance will guide you on your life’s journey.

How does a soul reading work?

With your permission, I connect with your soul and Divine Self.

Woman sitting underneath orbs and mandalas

To do so, I telepathically enter the dimension where all information is accessible. Through chanting and singing I connect to the gateway in order to enter the place with a guide that is guarding it.

Here I meet with your soul aspects and Divine Higher Self to gather the essential information, both visually and through automatic writing.

When I have received the message and nothing else is coming through that is of essence right now for you, I thankfully close the sacred circle.

I then prepare a PDF file for you that contains the message and perhaps photographs that emphasise the words and bring more clarity as well as any other guided information such as written meditations or practices that help you integrate your soul’s and divine self’s message.

After you have received your message via email, we schedule a 30 minute phone call or zoom call. We will discuss the information in more detail and you will be able to ask any questions that you may have.

If you feel like you want to deepen the connection to the message and your soul, I am more than happy to work with and support you in 1:1 sessions.

How to book your reading?

A personal soul reading including the personal call is 120 €
and contains the PDF file of several pages including your message,
guidance, and any other essential information that help you to

You can also choose to only receive the channelled message without a personal call for 90 €.

You will be send the document via email within 3 working days of your order. We then schedule the 30 minute phone or zoom call separately.

If you have more questions, please contact me and I am happy to help you.

To order your soul reading, please choose one of the following options.

I want to buy a soul reading with a personal follow up call for 120 €.

I want to buy a soul reading without a personal follow up call for 90 €.