An energetic monthly guidance

Your Personal Energy Channeling

Your essence knows and recognises you most profoundly. Receive any energetic information that will support you in your life for the upcoming month.

This monthly energy channeling gives you a personal preview of what energies you may encounter during the month. You will be able to understand what is essential for you to integrate. Plus you will be given recommendations on how to exactly do that.

The energy channeling for the month ahead is for you if

  • you want to connect more deeply with your inner essence
  • you are curious about what might await you during the upcoming month
  • you seek guidance on how to integrate the energies in your human self
  • you are looking for a detailed and personal energy forecast
  • you appreciate spiritual growth
  • you want to feel supported on your current life path

In addition to the collective monthly energy updates that I share on my blog, a personal channeling will give you a more comprehensive perception on what to expect.

As it is personal, the type of information varies from human to human and month to month. For example, in February you may be guided to work with a certain colour whilst in June colours are not as important. Instead you may be asked to focus on your spiritual development by implementing certain practices. All the information always come as needed on your current life path moment. You will be guided in ways that you are actually able to integrate in your life. Any information that may sound too abstract will be explained in further detail within the PDF document.

Your personal monthly energy channeling PDF includes

  • a channeled message for the upcoming month
  • remarks and further explanations
  • perhaps images to enhance the meaning of the message
  • any other relevant information that I was able to receive for you

In order to channel the essential information, I create a sacred space through chanting, drumming, meditating. I then connect with your soul, divine being, spirit guides, ancestors or any other benevolent energy forms that wish to communicate with you. Relevant information are received through telepathy and automatic writing. Once finished, I thank everyone involved and close the space accordingly.

There are two options available for you to choose from.

Option 1: A 1-Month personal energy channeling for the month ahead for 60 €.

Option 2: A 3-month subscription for 170 €. You will then receive each channeling at the end of the month for the month ahead, depending on the time of your order. For example if you want a channeling for March and place your order on the 1st of March, then you will receive it within 1 – 2 days. The channeling for April you will then receive around the 31st of March.

Upon booking a channeling, you will receive the PDF in your email inbox within 1-2 days.

I want to buy a 1-month personal energy channeling for 60 €.

I want to buy a 3-month subscription of personal energy channelings for 170 €.

Soul-guided through life.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck