Hi, my name is Lisa!

Inspiring and motivating Starseeds and Lightworkers to integrate their spiritual wisdom into their human.

You are capable of transforming your burden at any moment in your life.

I am here to encourage you to take the essential steps to follow your soul’s calling, so you can put your vision into reality.

Are you ready to accept and embrace your human self to be a guiding light?

Let go and let’s go!

How Can I Be of Service to You?

My experience in letting go, accepting my incarnation and starting anew numerous times has activated my true self more fully everytime.

It is a journey of decision-making and action-taking that makes you feel courageous, excited, possibly a bit anxious. Most of all you feel liberated and gain the clear sight of what you are to manifest.

All my services are offered in either English or German.

Start taking action now!

Soul Energy Painting PDF iPad
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Soul Energy Painting

In alignment with your soul, Higher Self, spirit guides and ancestors, I create personal energy art that inspires you to show the world who you are to then live your life accordingly.

Card reading holding Heart Chakra Card in hands
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Spiritual Coaching

Grow your roots on earth to create the fundament you need to build an impactful life. Go deeper than you have before and learn how to integrate what makes you you. Then become the YOU you are meant to live.

Facing your divine self within the diamond ray
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Soul Reading

Connect with your soul’s essence and gain clarity for your path including information about your current tasks in life as well as messages that are important for you to know right now.

Earth Love Frequency Digital Art
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High Vibe Art Print-on-Demand

Energy art for you and your home i.e. high frequency mandalas on coasters that energise your water and body. Additionally you’ll find cushions, tote bags, bottles, stickers, printed art.

The Star Tribe Ground Crew Art

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The Star Tribe Ground Crew

Free card readings, tips on how to ground your spirituality, mental and emotional health, shadow work, channelings, light language transmissions and talks on my personal experience as an incarnated starseed on Earth.