The day started with an alarm to remind me of this very blog article. Finally I had organised myself. I could start energised and capture my 12 of 12 without pressure. By the way, 12 of 12 is a blog adventure hosted by Caroline von Draußen nur Kännchen.

Follow my day in its ups and downs accompanied by mood swings. How did I balance myself?

Morning yoga with youtuber Kassandra
Cosy and comfy I start the day. My favourite YouTube Yoga instructor ist Kassandra.

As I got up early, I took the chance to draw my card of the day. With Merlin at my side, it could only be great. Or so I thought.

oracle card with merlin and candle holder women's circle
Card of the Day
cute tea adventscalendar in shape of a teacup with illustration of women reading a book and a cat
Cute and adorable things lighten up my day. Enjoying tea from this year’s tea advent calendar.

After breakfast my daughter played and I wanted to create art. As neat as it looks, as messy it got. 🙂 My mind suddenly became unfocused and I tumbled into an emotional vortex.

fltlay artistic with metallic pens and watercolour palette and paper
Creating art.

Getting to the bottom of things. Why? How? And then? The emotional roller coaster had a much deeper meaning than just being a bit moody. After the card reading, I felt much calmer and sorted. It could only go up from here.

perspective shot of card reading with tarot and oracle cards
Personal card reading.

Taking the chance to write a post on my Telegram Channel Mensch Sein about mood swings and how to balance them. And then I see this angel number 555! Thanks for keeping me on my path.

Angel numbers keep me sane. 🙂

My daughter’s been patient with me and my work. Now it’s time to play together. I love this game so much: Hide and seek. We always do that with her toys. This time she chose these tiny ones. It gave me an energy boost and a creative push to find awesome hiding places. The look on her face when she finds them is so precious.

Duplo figurine little boy hiding in house plant
Playing time with my 2 year old.

After lunch, we set out on our mommy toddy adventure which we always do on Mondays. The weather is fantastic. Today, we go to the library. She loves books and games.

path through park with snow
Walking through Schlossgarten in Arnstdt. It is so cold!

This image really captures the magic of nature. I always take time to admire this royal tree. Everytime I am surprised by its majesty.

tree in snowed in park
Trees calm me down.

We spend 2 hours in the library! When we came back out, it was all dark and mystical. One thing I enjoy about winter time is the lovely light decoration. We even saw Mars and Venus.

light decoration fairy lights on tree outdoors
Here to see: Schlossruine Neideck.
selection of children books, CDs and a baking book
Our library treasures.

My daughter truly is a Toddy of Abundance, as I call her. She just captures the hearts of everyone. The candle holder was a gift from the library lady to her. How wonderful, as we didn’t have a winter tree anyways.

vegan pizza and candle light in  santa claus candleholder
Candles and vegan pizza to end the day.

Even with its ups and downs, it turned out to be a wonderful day after all. Everytime I notice, as soon as I step outside the house, I feel much relief and less pressured.

I hope your day has been full of treasurable moments as well.

Soul-guided through life.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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