You can’t run away anymore from your fears, no matter small or big. It is time to face them directly. If you wish to create a new way of life on planet earth, conquer your fears in peace.

Fear creates scarcity. Fear creates painful thoughts and vice versa. Fear creates a loss of words in moments when speaking up is necessary. Fear creates a loop of undesirable life experiences that are not of your highest good. Fear creates loneliness. Fear creates the abandonment of your soul path. Fear creates illusional comfort. Fear creates time addiction. Fear creates worry leading to more fear. It is an endless cycle of repetitive experiences until you set the intention to break this cycle.

Conquering my fear by climbing up mountain Untersberg in barefoot shoes and without equipment or a map. I made it but I was seriously shivering.

By facing your fears you take the first step to becoming more courageous. Facing your fears helps you to understand the root cause of their existence. Hence eliminate them. Facing your fears creates an inner confidence that leads to shaping your life the way you wish it to be. Facing your fears is ultimately one of your missions of having incarnated on this planet. Embrace the fears you have and let them go in peace.

Your greatest fear cloaks your greatest strength. Uncover that strength and strut forward with confidence.

Lisa Beck

Be adventurous to joyfully look at your fears and their root cause that will ultimately set free what is overdue to leave.

Inspiring story time: How a deep fear of the material plane created my escapism

For many years, until even now, I have always preferred to travel life lightly. This meant literally little to no baggage. I have moved 27 times with mostly no furniture but mainly clothes and a few essentials. For convenience of being able to quickly pack up, I rather chose to live in fully or partly furnished rooms or flats. Even now, my belongings fit easily in a 2 x 3 m2 box with plenty of room left. The one time, I owned furniture, was 2011 in London. I left them behind in a rush to literally flee from my problems.

To me it has always felt like furniture are baggage, baggage is materials, materials are weighing me down, a weight that keeps me from moving, being stuck like gum to a place, without ever leaving. This pretty much sums up how I have felt about life on Earth most of the time.

Isn’t it interesting how fear of owning something mirrors fear of physical life?

Am I able to escape the esacpism mode?

In 2020 I was at a point when once again I wanted to leave everything behind for travels. I bet everything on one dream, for the illusion of lightness. Though, it wouldn’t work this time. Travels were cancelled due to well-known restrictions. I literally was stuck. My biggest fear turned into a nightmare of having to confront my life on Earth.

That year I was also initiated into motherhood by freebirthing my daughter. The most material earthly experience started to finally descend me, plant my feet on the surface of this planet and grow roots. It was a slight shift, yet it was not the end of wanting to escape.

With bursted dreams of travelling with child, I had to find alternatives. With support of the physical and spiritual realm, I was gifted with a few possibilities over these past 2 years. Yet again they involved furnished interiors, set energy flows, daily rhythms, routines and created life energy in which I had to flow into, struggling to create my own magical space.

Then it finally hit me. My fear of owning things is a fear of creating myself as a human on Earth. Wow!! It is exactly THAT.

  • I rather daydream than organise my documents.
  • I rather get hypnotised by the stars than doing my taxes.
  • I rather sit in an airplane above the clouds than on a bus or train.
  • I rather create vision boards on pinterest than filling in forms.

Now I am at a point where I have the opportunity to create from scratch, create MY life on Earth as meant to. Not only an opportunity but the biggest life lesson and life shift as a light being in incarnated physical form.

As weird as it may sound that having one’s own flat is fearful, as surprising it is to me just writing about it. As I pour the words on my screen, I realise how my shell breaks bit for bit, laying bare the needs of my humanness. The needs to create fulfilment with all its luscious gifts that are presented to me on earth. To plant both feet, without thinking of the next tempting escape coup, before even having signed a tenant contract. Most of all to IN-JOY life as a human with all its perks and gifts including materials.

I face my fear of being stuck as a human and transmute it into joy of physical living. How can I co-create a New Earth without the material? Grounding is connecting to the material plane. I sure want to keep my ethereal wings. But even winged beings need to lean to rest.

Young woman sitting at the edge of a coastline in South Korea
I am calm. I am safe. I am protected. I am held. (Photo taken in Busan, South Korea)

Starting over again to break the cycle

Preparing for my 28th move in 36 years surely has created a tiresome 28th repetitive situation. I am literally tired of this process. It is getting old. And what is getting old is the thought of not fully committing to a place but rather daydreaming of an even better opportunity. Well, this may just be it. That better opportunity I have been seeking for years.

Commit to creating your life and you commit to co-creating New Earth

Without the intention of full commitment, we can never really enjoy the gift of creating ourselves.

Lisa Beck

I invite you now to declare with me, that we are committed to being human in this life, creating as a human and embracing all of our humanness.

Being human is part of our multidimensional self. It is a gift not many beings can experience. But we can. We should. It is part of our soul’s journey. It is part of our life on earth.

Gaia has invited us here. Let us be grateful for this invitation and ourselves to have stepped over the threshold and into HER magical realms. We are here to create WITH her. Creating ourselves shapes life on earth.

If we are stuck out of fear, life on earth will be frozen for much longer. It is time to melt the iciness and create a wholesome campfire with soothing music, cheerful singing, ecstatic dancing, delicious food, a cosy cabin and lots of laughter in community.

Concrete needs soul to be filled with life. (Photo taken at the Ghost Town of Abades in Tenerife)

A New Earth, a new paradigm, a new structure is up to all of us. We birth life. We birth new timelines. We birth the new generation. We birth new school systems. We birth new communities. We birth new partnerships. We birth new job titles. We birth new entrepreneurs and businesses. We birth new [fill in the blank].

We are the foundation. We breathe life into that foundation. We fill this foundation with our brave soul’s committment.

We are that we are.

In gratitude of showing accountability,
Lisa Beck

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