Why breaking free is necessary now?

As the past few days and weeks have been very revealing, the urge to be fully connected and feeling the power of the soul’s essence has become stronger.

As the energies keep rising, we just cannot not rise also. It is the reason why we came here, for our human incarnation on Earth, we chose to be part of this ascension in human form and for our existence now.

Waking up this morning, on 18.8.2022, I sat in my bed, putting my hands on my heart and invoking words that came out strong, determined, and in their truthfullness.

These words, I share with you in a moment, are for those who feel they are ready and determined to

  • connect to their power again
  • be courageous
  • rise
  • not settle for less than is possible
  • not feeling depleted anymore
  • see beyond an illusion
  • step up and out of a hiding place
  • feel the inner truth
  • act on their intuition
  • expand their heart
  • connect to their essence
  • feel the love
  • share the love
  • be the love.

Reveal your true divine power

Feeling in your power completely, may create an unknown feeling to you. Perhaps even a feeling that may come across as scary.

It is one of the conditions that we were made to believe that power is

  • scary
  • ruthless
  • dominating
  • wrong
  • angry and aggressive
  • and nothing we truly want to have.

When I speak of your power, I talk about

  • your abilities
  • your skills
  • your talents
  • your essence
  • your mission
  • your purpose
  • your truth
  • your intuition
  • your inner knowing
  • your wisdom
  • your authenticity
  • your determination
  • your strength
  • your hope
  • and your love.

I speak of a power that is beyond that we were taught is power.

I speak of the power of your divinity. I speak of the power of YOU.

We cannot hide ourselves any longer for the sake of others, our own fear, the unknown.

It is NOW that we have to step into our truth and show the illusionary world, that WE KNOW.

As we reconnect to our true selves, we weave threads of purity of the divinity within us and all around us.

The more you are connected, the more you connect with others. Thus stepping into your power not only awakens you but it awakens a community that creates in their power, in their truth and from their heart.

Take a moment to imagine these communities all over this planet. Can you feel the rise of New Eearth (Eterra)? THAT IS why we are to step up into our powers. THAT IS why we came to support Earth in her ascension. THAT IS why we decided to be human.

Remember. Remember yourself. Remember it all.

Digital Painting titled Burst Open which shows the earth's inner core break open and reveal its light
Digital Painting titled Burst Open which depicts the earth’s inner core break open and reveal its light.

An invocation to reconnect to your true essence with courage

Now, I share with you the invocation. You are invited to join me by reading the words preferably outloud or in your mind. Repeat it 3 times, if possible. You can also integrate EFT tapping if you feel called to. After you have spoken the words, hold your hands over your heart and take a deep breath in and out, consciously releasing the words into your energy fields. Drink a glass of water to integrate completely.

I am here now.

I accept myself fully.

I accept my part of being human.

Being human is a wonderful experience.

I am here to change, lift and solve the human belief that being human is unworthy, easy and powerless.

I stand in my power as I open my heart.

I let the love of the divine, my soul and all of the benevolence flow through me now.

I see through all of illusion.

I see through all the farce.

I see through and beyond the masks.

I see beyond the fakeness.

I see beyond the veil.

I am capable of going through the veil.

I am able to cross any limitations and obstacles with ease.

I am capable of seeing beyond distractions.

As I connect to my heart and essence, I can completely feel the truth.

Nothing and no one is able anymore to distract me from my path and my purpose.

I am determined to accomplish my mission.

I am determined to keep the promise I made from my soul’s truth before I incarnated in this body.

I keep shining, illuminating and loving.

I stand by Gaia, Mother Earth and humanity on this journey of ascension.

I see all for what it truly is.

I trust my intuition completely as I move beyond the illusion of all that wants to keep me being trapped.

I break free from the cage that has been built around me through others and myself.

I connect to my inner essence, knowing that I am a powerful being that is here now, supporting, helping, uplifting, vibrating, shifting and loving divinely.

I am love.

I vibrate love.

My essence is love.

I am powerful.

I vibrate power.

My essence is powerful.

I am completely aware of my power.

I am completely connected to my power.

I stand strong.

I stand stable.

I am rooted.

I am connected.

I am living my pure truthfullness of my essence.

I declare to be my true self.

I declare to stop hiding my power.

I declare to keep showing up for myself and my purpose.

I declare to open my heart and expand its power beyond I thought was possible.

I live.

I love.

I am.

So it is.

So it is.

So it is.

Invocation to activate and strengthen the connection to your true self.

You can repeat these words anytime you feel is needed and anytime you like.

I am here for you if you want personal support or more soul guidance.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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