As it gets clearer that we as humans are energy light beings, it becomes prominent that our abilities get recharged and awakened.

This is evident in psychic abilities such as

  • an inner knowing due to a tighter connection to the divine self
  • receiving thoughts from others
  • feeling others‘ emotions
  • seeing orbs and flickering lights for milliseconds or longer
  • feeling energetic auras
  • hearing single words or conversations
  • astral travel
  • remote viewing
  • being aware of nature and her elements
  • connecting to Devas and natural spirits
  • feeling connected to the Universe all around.

Have you been communicating telepathically without even knowing?

Telepathy as such is recognised as sending thoughts back and forth, as has been depicted in movies. Some even think of it as reading minds. Initially it so much more than that.

To get a clearer idea, here are a few expample of what telepathic communication may look or feel like. You may have experienced one or the other yourself.

  • A classic example is knowing that you are receiving a phone call. Minutes later your best friend is calling in.
  • Whilst in meditation you feel a sensation through your body or you see colours and geometrical shapes.
  • During a guided meditation you can clearly see the path or landscape. You may then also be able to communicate with another aspect of yourself or meet your spirit animal or guide, depending on the intention of the meditation.
  • You sit down, write a text for your blog or a post for social media and without thinking everything falls into place, word for word the story builds up.
Quote telepathy as universal language

What exactly is Telepathy?

As mentioned above, it is a communication tool. Just like the language you speak or a second language that you learnt.

The advantage of telepathy is that you do not need to learn for years in order to communicate profoundly. It has an automatic translation system. The sender and the receiver are able to both communicate mentally in their own language. The information is transmitted so that both understand.

For example, you would like to know if your body is healthy or if you would need to make adjustments. There are a few possibilities how to find out. You either speak to your body cells or you communicate with types of food. Food wouldn’t have language skills like English, French or German. Yet you can talk to them with your mind. You ask mentally in your language, then receive the answer in your language. It may sound different, in the end though this is how you gain direct information that is personally tailored to your needs.

How Telepathy works Overview

What are the Benefits of Telepathic Communication?

I list a few of the core advantages that I cam eto understand during my experience.

You are unbound from gadgets or location

Anywhere you are you can use this type of communication to get in contact with yourself i.e. body or your guardian angels, Higher Self, passed away relatives, Mother Nature, trees, plants, crystals, water and anything else that you can think of.

You can speak to literally anything

As everything is vibration and made of energy, everything is receptive to be communicated with. Your thoughts are energy which travels and floats in a sense around you and away from you. Imagine you are talking about someone. Your thoughts affect that human being positively or negatively depending on your intention. Unconsciously the thoughts are received by the other one.

Time and space are irrelevant for communication

This gives you an abundance of opportunities to whom and what to talk to. You can get in contact with your ancestors from hundreds of years ago. You can exchange information with multidimensional beings like star beings, angels, dragons, faeries, Ascended Masters etc.

Receive information personally and first hand

No need to study countless of books when you have access to what you want to know immediately. It is a matter of practice, willpower and curiosity.

How has Telepathy helped me along my Spiritual Path?

When I attended two telepathy seminars hosted by Alfred Steinecker in 2016, my channel simply clicked and expanded wide open.

Spiritual Path Essences of Lisa Beck

A telepethic workshop that made me understand my soul’s core

Within a few days, I was taught the fundamentals of telepathy as well as how to use them practically in very diverse exercises.

We started of gently with exercises involving how to communicate with

  • food items, in that case it was peanuts
  • myself in terms of wellbeing and what it may need
  • the molecules and atoms of my physical body
  • my spirit animal at that time, which happened to be a deer

Continuing it became much more grand, from micro cosmos to macro cosmos, literally.

The grand finale in the first seminar was connecting to our star family and guides.

It was a moment that I will always remember. The love I felt, upon meeting them telepathically, was out of this dimension, out of this world. It was pure unconditional love that was flowing through me. The exchange of our energy system triggered within me the actual comprehension of my multidimensional existence. I understood the reason why I chose to be here right now.

From then on I have kept in touch with my star family regularly regarding questions I have had, advise I asked them for and just to re-learn about my life there.

I was hooked and attended more workshops

The second seminar was also very life changing.

Within a group of more than 40 attendees, we connected to the spirit of the black hole. Another very intense experience where I witnessed the vastness of this Universe and yet the ability to overcome the physical distance and to being able to gain information so easily and within moments.

The black hole felt so gentle and mothering with its protective energy and wisdom.

Contrary to the feminine energy of the black hole, we also connected to the Source energy, the ever beginning of all. To me it felt more like a fatherly energy that was humorous, loving, understanding, full of clarity and acknowledgment.

With much much gratitude towards Alfred and all participants who openly shared their stories and experiences, I walked forward with a new attitude. The year 2016 definitely shifted me towards a much more curious, grateful and curageous Lisa.

Telepathy Workshop Themes

Organising my own workshops to teach others

It was in the experience of what happened during the seminars, that I realised how precious the awakening of the telepathic skill is.

That’s when it came to me, that I was to teach others rediscover their ability.

At the end of 2017, I organised the first telepathy workshop successfully. From then on, themed workshops were held regularly.

  • Cosmic communication with the focus on star systems, our Sun, the milky way, star family, etherical guides, children from other star races etc.
  • Body consciousness regarding health and wellness i.e. molecules, atoms, cells, chakras, nutrition, DNA etc.
  • Light Body communication focusing on integrating the light body with the physical body and what this encompasses
  • Plants & Animals
  • Crystals
  • Plasma and free energy

We were able to gather much information and had mind expanding and heart opening moments. The participants were absolutely in awe and returned gladly. It helped most of them to recognise their potential in what they are able to achieve.

The Breakthrough of my Authentic Self

As I became more and more adjusted to this communication tool, my joy grew. The abundance of information flooded in. Step by step I got accustomed to living my life more by serving others.

Finding a Needle (a Nettle) in the Haystack

Once a friend asked me, if I could figure out a remedy since she had had problems with her back. It was just at the beginning of me refining my telepathic skill. I was excited and open-minded to receiving the information.

When I connected, I was shown a solution in a video-style kind of way. I was the viewer of someone chopping up stinging nettles, boiling them, then putting the mixture in a mulled cloth to lay them on the area of the back. I am by no means someone who has much knowledge about herbs, so this was remarkable to witness, even for myself. As my friend lives in the city, we then wanted to find nettles. Again I communicated with the spirit of the stinging nettle who showed me the exact spot in the park nearby. My friend, who was a bit suspicious, followed me into the park. It was the exact location, I was shown, and it was the only spot in the entire park where the plant grew. We were both exhilarated with joy. Of course she used the solution and her back pain was released for the time being.

Tarot – The Devil is in the Detail

By gaining more trust into my intuition, it was only a matter of time to get into reading tarot and oracle cards for myself and others.

Tarot Card The Devil Flatlay

Rather than focusing solely on the meaning of the cards, I often connected with the card by walking right in the middle of it. It was amazing what information I collected.

One of those times, I pulled The Devil card. Communicating to the Devil and his perspective changed my perspective. When I met him, I offered him to show him the surface and the light. He came with but wasn’t able to stay in the light for long. We then conversed about the reason for his existence. He said, that he created himself so he could take on the harsh circumstances and offer a refuge for those who are lost. His task is to be the keeper of the shadows because no one else would dare. All whilst he was explaining everything to me, I felt a deep sympathy for him and his burden that he took on for so long. Even wanting to walk towards the light, he realised that his place was chosen and he was to stay in his position.

Encounters like that make me realise how much we still have to learn and understand about the whole of creation. That’s one of the reasons, I love telepathy. I can question what I’ve been taught, expand my horizon, act more self-sufficient and overall gain knowledge first hand.

Intuitive Art and Soul Paintings

My life turned itself quite around after I rediscovered telepathy.

The confidence I gained made me finally push myself out of my comfort zone and right into growing my own business as an artist. I soon discovered that painting intuitely released so many blocked emotions which then turned my art into high frequency creations.

I started channelling messages that derived from the artwork both in writing and light language soul singing to fully activate the energy art.

As a matter of resonance, I was asked to create soul energy paintings. The return of gratitude was immense, both for myself and my clients. I was finally able to start living more authentically and in my sovereignity.

Quote expansive mind creates playgrounds

Telepathic Communication leading to Alignment within and out

With the endless possibilities of gaining information, being able to help myself and guide others to helping themselves, I have been able to see the potential of where we are all meant to be. Living together on such a beautiful planet in alignment within the Universe gives us all plenty of choices that make up for a grand creation.

When we are all plugged into the telepathic network of the Universe, we are able to understand and recognise the ever unfolding flower of creation. We are able to build a communal heart-based fundament that reaches far outside of this planet and solar system.

This vision of living consciously in the multidimensional planes tickles my senses to the point of exhilarating excitement.

An expansive mind creates a playground of infinite possibilites that lead to yet another playground and so forth.

All connected within and out.

All aligned for a higher purpose.

All for all.

Soul-guided through Life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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