Feeling anxiety surely is very unsettling. Your thoughts spin in circles and may spiral you downwards more and more. Sometimes a deep breath can help. Other times you may need much more than fresh air. The woodpecker came to me yesterday in a moment of anxiety. I felt anxious all morning. My head was spinning from administrative work and sorting files. I got so confused by the amount of paperwork that my mind wasn’t able to distinguish between it all. I made mistakes and had to do a few things over again. Paper work gives me anxiety, I have to admit. Surely there is a deeper cause for that, though that is not the focus of this article. Anyways, I dropped by the library to get my body moving on my bicycle. There it was, outside the building, I had received an invitation from a bench to rest for a moment. I sat down and told myself to just look around aimlessly. So I did. What I realised in that moment, under the blue sky and the sunshine and the most beautiful church Liebfrauenkirche beside me, that life is nothing to be anxious about. In that moment, I heard the sound of the woodpecker. A smile washed over me. I was grateful for his appearance. The following message is for everyone who feels anxious at times or can’t seem to focus their thoughts.

huge tree with a few dried brown leaves in front of a church under a clear blue sky
The tree where the woodpecker came by to say Hi.

Channeled message of the woodpecker

There is always a resolution.
You start picking and you continue until you have found the treasure however it defines itself for you.

There is no right or wrong.
It simply is a choice you make to either regard or disregard.
Your emotions may unsettle you.
Don’t fret.
They exist to show you your way back to balance.

If I were to be anxious about whether or not I would find food, I would not have made it alive for much longer.

Anxiety eats your from the inside out.
It creates a void that you want to fill again.
Sometimes these fillings are not coherent with yourself.
They do not represent the truth of who you are.
You might fill your void with meaningless things.
In order to feel fulfilled, you ought to stop eating yourself.

Food needs nourishing components.
Empty calories give you only a short boost.
You run out of life energy.
Keep your energy level high by finding nourishment in what you do rather than what you consume.

It is beneficial to understand your body systems.
Make time to look for what nourishes your body, mind and soul.
How can you fill emptiness with strengthening fillers?
Think long-term rather than of a quick fix.

As an emergency help, I suggest you carry a treasure box or bag with you.
Fill it with joyful memories and objects.
Whenever you feel anxious, take it out and admire the shininess of it all.
It will support you to keep balanced and focused.

These little joys are yours.
They carry on a gentle and peaceful energy that will make you smile.
Keep tokens, photographs, souvenirs, memories and anything that remind you that life is a joyful journey.
Life, creation and all of it are not a hassle.

Everytime my beak creates the hammering sound, it travels all the way through the tree.
Perhaps it tickles the tree which makes me giggle.
Take life humourously.

How can you shift your perspective today in a situation that usually makes you feel uncomfortable?
How can you feel the joy instead?

– received through Lisa Beck on January 4th 2023

How relaxing leads to synchronisities and alignment

Being chill about life and what you experience gives you an unmistakingly great outcome. Of course it does take practice to not be trapped in the mind or being catapulted into the abyss from your emotional outbursts. The more you remind yourself of the joy of life, the easier it will get in unexpected situations to be clear. You will have a solution in mind much quicker. Or you will spot opportunities unimpeded. What once may have seemed out of reach might become available to you at your fingertips in no time. Even possibilities you hadn’d dreamt off will find its way to you.

The book I was gifted by spirit

After I had sat down on the bench in that lovely sanctuary, I walked past an outdoor book shelf with gems to take for free. Curiously I looked at each book spine. One caught my eye twice – The Fire from Within . When I took it out and read the author’s name, I was in awe. It was non other than Carlos Castaneda. His book “The Teachings of Don Juan” was the first one that I started to approach from a spiritual mind set back in London in 2010. Honestly, I didn’t finish it nor read it half way through. It was too difficul for me to understand and comprehend its meaning. I wasn’t ready. Now I am. With much gratitude, I took the book. I felt immensely blessed. If I would still have had the anxious feeling inside me, I would not have been able to thoroughly look at the book selection nor would this book have caught my eye. It was a proper synchronisity to tell me, stay on your path, don’t get dragged away due to anxious thoughts but be present with your inner fire and illuminate your life.

Also this blog article or channeled message of the woodpecker would probably not exist if it weren’t for the moment on that bench.

Feeling the joy of life has a much more profound purpose. It keeps us alive and going forward. Without it, we would be stuck – in uncommitted dreams or nightmares, limiting thoughts, distressing emotions, tunnel view of life, boring daily routine. That’s definitely not the purpose of living on this abundant planet.

Commit yourself to feel deep and conscious joy at least once day. Gradually increase the level until you enjoy yourself in the majority of your life situations and circumstances. Then watch your life unfold in its most ideal and suitable version for you.

Soul-guided through life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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