We are in the middle of the longest duration of darkness of the year. Approximately 16 hours of night time will accompany us around the 21st of December 2022. Winter solstice is a moment to go within, to fully take advantage of the quietness that surrounds this night. Tune into the energies and let yourself be guided by your inner voice. Your soul knows the way and will make sure you do too. Listen and you will hear the sound of your heartbeat. Your body will remember the rhythm of your soul’s sound. All the while your cells will remember the movement of your soul’s infinite flow.

Prior to connecting with the energies of this particular moment, I had felt a true unsetling feeling surging within. I felt out of place, out of my body, out of my mind. It was as such I was urged to do something, create something and at the same time I was inited to rest. It was an inner struggle to put these two sensations together. In the end, I sat down and connected with the winter solstice energies. Receiving and writing down the words calmed me down to the point that I knew, now I can relax.

Before you begin reading the message, I invite you to close your eyes and feel into your body. Do a sensational body check, going through each part of your body and rest there for a short moment to understand the living organism that your spirit resides in. Drink a glass of fresh water afterwards in full gratitude.

Read the following message with an open heart and aligned with your inner voice. It may resonate to some extent, fully or not at all. Everyone has its own pace and experiences life from their perspective.

Stonehenge sunset

Winter solstice channeled message 21.12.2022

Fulfilled dreams become the reality of non-existent parallels leading to soul retractions.
Parting ways to bond with one another.

Lifetimes of unpresented wishes to become legacies in a vortex of experiences that herald a life of fulfillment in all way possible.

Don’t be a seeker.
Instead dare to reach.
Forlonging to reach what you’ve set your eyes on.
It’s happening.

Be trusting to the outcome you have planted seeds for a long time ago. (side note: I just got a glimpse of the eternal, infinite space of creation, an everexpanding space of countless of possibilties and scenarios to be waiting to be created)

Bend your own ways to create that, that you thought was no longer available.

Leave space to breathe.
Integrate the solutions showing themselves when needed.

Do not tend to unresolved drama.
As this will lead to further unsettlements.
Be aware of stories that rip you out from your stone pedestal.

You are to stand strong and unwavering.
There is nothing to be an accomplice of.
No need to act feeling defeated in whatever you feel to having to defend yourself for.

You are a precious gift.
Act accordingly.
Be the blessing to the world in all that gift-wrapped circumstance of your life’s situation.

By no means be half-hearted.
Always pour in all your soul’s energy.
At least to the extent of soul intended endeavours.
No more, no less.

Be sparkling.
Be aligned.
Be truthseeking confidence.

Be a particular human of the grand rising.
As it is set into intention.
No backing out.

Channeled and received by Lisa Beck on 20th December 2022

Explanations for a clearer understanding

The first sentence might already create a few question marks. What does “Fulfilled dreams become the reality of non-existent parallels leading to soul retractions.” mean? The first part is clear but with the second half it becomes an entwined word creation of no sense. Or so my rational mind thought. What it makes clear for sure is that there are energetic formations that our mind sometimes can’t comprehend at first. To resolve the confusion we can always connect with spirit to get clear.

wavy lines with two blue seethrough stars colliding n the middle creating a blue flare
Art impression of a stellar collision

An image I was shown was of a stellar collision. Two stars that crash into each other to create an explosive reaction. When dreams come true, it might tear apart souls who had walked alongside each other but no longer feel the urge to do so. Hence they are “Parting ways to bond with one another.” There is always a connection between souls. Even if you were to separate from one another, your soul memory remembers. Sometimes having to separate due to indifferences can create a much stronger bond afterall. Keep in mind, this is not always the case.

“Lifetimes of unpresented wishes to become legacies in a vortex of experiences that herald a life of fulfillment in all way possible.” The meaning of this can be traced back to wishes that have been accumulated over several lifetimes. As the soul chooses a certain theme to experience itself, wishes and desires may be quite similar in different incarnations. In the current incarnation here on earth, many souls now start to remember their many lives. Hence the human being gains access to the vortex of all these experiences. You may be able to start regaining your soul consciousness. Thus recognising your own divine power resulting in creating a life of absolute fulfillment. Then you “Bend your own ways to create that, that you thought was no longer available.”

A life in alignment with your divine soul realises itself without drama. “Be aware of stories that rip you out from your stone pedestal.” Your stone pedestal could be looked at as foundation or base that holds you up and stabilises you. There could be lies or dishonest stories circling about you that may shake you. Be mindful of exchanged words and also thoughts that you tell about yourself and to yourself.

  • What story do you believe is true about you?
  • What story have you told yourself that might limit a prosperous life?
  • What story do you want to live out?

Afterall you have chosen to be here. You have chosen to be a part of the great awakening of humanity. “Be a particular human of the grand rising.” You make a difference in your life that most certainly makes a difference in someone else’s life. Always be true to yourself and your soul’s essence.

Soul-guided through Life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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