Diana Cooper’s post on this year’s summer solstice, has inspired me to dive deeper into the refreshing colours. By connecting with several shades of yellow and orange, a piece of artwork was digitally created. As it is summer, the flow called for an acrylic pour.

As with most artwork, I connect to spirit to channel through any relevant information and messages in wording as well. Thus inspiring you to connect your brain hemispheres to create balance.

Channeling on Summer Solstice June 2022

Feelings evolve to a level of satisfactory committment.
The illusionary world perspective sets of to remain a thoughtful memory.
As time transcends, so do the convictions of the unrepresented alliance.
It is thought to liberate through elimination.

On all levels you will be able to recognise the transformation.
It ought to be a slight unrevelling of knots and tanglements.

Bit by bit you will see a creation of a new vision.
In every world.

It is unpresented to fulfil the made arrangements.
It is no wonder as no miracle preceeds this.

It is a cycle coming to a close.
A broken geometrical shape that is mended to be whole.

Such as for yourself, there will be a wholly/ holy process to weaken the weaknesses and turn everything into powerful strong points, skills, abilities and circumstances.
Circumstances that favour your way of life in all that you wish to experience.

Don’t fret the covered up illusions.
There will be justice.

You will observe the lineage that is to rise.
A new lineage of a generation that will help to adjust the sequels of life on Earth.

Be ready.

We are with you.
All of us stand by you.
Every molecule assists with the see-through of what is happening right now.

It is as it is.

Love always.

Be part of the unified creation.

– end of transmission through Lisa Beck on 21 June 2022

Remarks for further understanding

Feelings are connected to what you are feeling. Your feelings ought to change in a way that you are more inclined to do what makes you happy, peaceful and satisfied.

The world is currently undergoing a shift. It changes in an unrecognisable way to those who will remember how it once was. Think about your life when you were a child and now look at today’s children and their world. When you tell them about how you had to visit your friend’s house to ask for playing instead of quickly writing a message, this generation may not understand the inconvenience. The world that we are on the verge to enter is so different in many ways that we don’t even comprehend yet.

The way you experience time changes. So do opinions of those who are involved in current earthly matters.

As you eliminate your own limited beliefs, you liberate yourself from toxic thoughts, emotions and life circumstanes. As above so below. Circumstances on all levels will change as each individual on Earth is changing their consciousness right now. Thus a new vision and version of life on Earth is to be created with every ascended thought that you and humanity have.

This creation of a new vision is felt throughout this entire Universe and beyond. It will create a ripple effect that is slowly extending to the ouskirts of this Universe.

As much as I and probably you wish to see more evidence of the shift within the main stream media, it seems to be still not the divine time to fully uncover what has been hidden. It seems that all will be rather smooth instead of one big bang.

As the global shift happens so will a shift in your life. This may include sudden gifts of abundance, joyful feelings, impulses, ideas, leaving partnerships, ending friendships, quitting jobs, fulfilling yourself in new ways.

Do not get yourself hung up on what is presented in the media currently. Focus on your life and how you can be of service to those around you and within your community. Everything else will fall and fall into place.

A new lineage speaks of a new tye of human in regards to the origin of those who are incarnating from now on. More about that in a separate post.

Many beings within this Universe are assisting right now including your spirit guides and ancestors. They are all interested in helping to create a new paradigm on this planet.

Take the steps, small or big, that you CAN do right now.

  • If that means to get up 30 minutes earlier to do your yoga practice, do that.
  • If that means to drink 1 more glass of water per day, do that. Your body will appreciate it.
  • If that means to say no more often when it doesn’t feel aligned, do that.
  • If that means to quit your job because you feel unfulfilled, do that.
  • If that means to rest instead of working, please do that.

    Always remember to do more of what feels in alignment with your soul and life path.

I am gladly supporting you, if you need further assistance.

In gratitude of this channeling and serving
Lisa Beck

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