Another month is here. The apparent 9th month of the year. Although, if you look at the name it clearly comes from Septem which is 7. That is just one of the things that has influenced the way how we as humans perceive our lives.

Interestingly in this channeling, the energies have an ending mode and a beginning. This again shows the frequency of number 9 which holds energies of passing, letting go, endings, no returns or going back.

As with all energy channelings please regard what feels resonant with you and leave the rest aside.

I will share with you what I have received through medium writing. In addition I will share side notes and explain some of the information in more detail.

Blessed month to you.

Channelled Message for September 2022

Clouds begone.

Restrictions fail.

Dark matter turns into dust.

Starry skys fill the hearts and minds.

The rainbow bridges activate.

The dolphins increase their frequency field.

Phantoms rise but also fall.

Wishy-washy gets cleared.

Chairs break and tables fly.

Splinters get in the eyes.

Watch to look but do not turn your eye.

Nothing but smoke and mirrors.

The show must go on but won’t last as the theatre runs empty.

Leaving behind sticky floors and empty chairs.

Are you still watching the credits run the screen?

Boring is as boring goes.

Time to move on.

Repetitions won’t bust the block.

It’s done.

Say your goodbyes and fly.

End of transmission.
Received through Lisa Beck on 31 August 2022

Side Notes and Clarifications of the Message

Overall the feeling of it is rather freeing and light. As it seems, the story has an ending. We are meant to clear our paths and move forward with ease.

This can be done via connecting with the dolphin consciousness and/or the rainbow frequencies. That said envision yourself bathing in the rainbow colours and letting it wash away anything that is no longer worthy of your attention. That can regard small or more influential things, situations, relationships. In regards to that it might happen more frequently that you experience flashes of moments from your life that show up in your mind’s eye for a second or longer. It might be accompanied by a rush of emotion or none at all. If there is no emotion and just an observant energy than that situation has been cleared and no longer holds any threads to your current life. Do not reminisce in regrets over the past but look joyfully into what awaits you over the rainbow bridge.

Fly high and enjoy the view of a life from a higher more playful perspective

Phantoms might suggest that holographics are becoming more apparent and visible to the eye but at the same time do not hold any grounds or influences any longer. It could also hint at the spiritual ghost world that is breaking open and showing its face of the meaning of the 4th dimension. However you experience the phantoms, remind yourself that you are to stand strong and not be swayed by any angst or anxiety that tries to pull you back down. Keep your head up and your heart wide open as the love will evaporate whatever frequency is not vibrating in its highest purpose.

Wishy-washy made me smile, honestly. It is such a great word to describe the farce of all that has been going on over the last years and also millenia. Now it can finally be recognised as something without stable grounds. Although it is important to acknowledge all that has been taken place on earth (Eterra) over the many thousands of years. Feel the gratitude of whatever lesson you were able to experience and learn from all of your incarnations and especially this current one.

Flying tables remind me strongly of the Wild West as it was depicted in the media. Perhaps the situation turns to a point that we will be able to witness the absurdity of a comical western movie. Western as in the West of the World falling apart, especially (and please take note that this is a perception) the USA might be falling and sinking deeply this month.

Be the observant in all situations but do not get caught up into any mess. Be aware of what’s going on and do not ignore what’s happening. Rather see it as for what it is. Smoke and mirrors obviously show that all of dishonesty will be coming to light.

It is tried to hold up onto a story that was written a long time ago but just has lost its excitement for people to keep watching. They leave the show in order to live their lives again. No blockbuster can be created again from the debris of what’s broken into pieces.

Over and out. (Here imagine some of this sound.) 🙂


For some people this month may be life altering in either way. For others it may not do much as they have already build a stability with the new frequencies.

As I said keep your head high, your heart open and your focus on what YOU want to co-create in alignment with Mother Earth and Gaia.

If you need any personal support or soul guidance, I am gladly here for you.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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