With all that has happened globally in September, some of us surely have experienced a lot of distress. Others may have been able to swiftly enjoy their lives to the fullest. In a world of opposites and duality, it is what is presented to us on a current scale.

With the October channelling, a new breeze awaits us. A dawn of hope welcomes us on our path.

As per usual, in this article you will see the channeling first, followed by some remarks by me that give you a clearer understanding.

Always read and receive any energetic information through your heart and in alignment with your intuition. What may feel resonant with others may not necessarily feel the same to you. Trust your own understanding and feeling.

Energies are constantly moving. What feels true today may have shifted by tomorrow.

Without further redo, here is the message of the October energies.

October Energy Channelling 2022

Lights of perfection, you float upwards in your grace of lightness.
Decayed and forgotten, you burn anew.
In a dance of stunning beauty, a murmur of wonder escapes from the throats of the observers.

What is forgotten is revived.
What has decayed is created again.

The secret of creation lies in the very depths.
Sunk in the deep, it is ready to come up.

The darkness of the night becomes the day of the sunlight hours of the golden light of divine creation.

So call out, your secret of life.

Receive the strutting power virtue of the living glow.

Enlivened and complete, you reach your destination.

The rocky tangle fades in the shadow of the past.

What is now is as it should be.

You may look puzzled, but your smile is real.

Multiply yourself in all that you can be.

In the nightfall the day begins.
Dawn fades with the glistening light of the beginning of all days.

Bravely bear your head and climb the steps of the long-awaited Temple of Eternity.

You have arrived.
You are.

Take a deep breath before you step through the gate.

Your life begins now.

End of transmission (received by Lisa Beck on 30.9.2022)

Remarks and side notes for a clearer understanding

“The secret of creation lies in the very depths. Sunk in the deep, it is ready to come up.” Possibly humanity on a certain scale or at large will be given vital information on how life was created on Earth and in this Universe. As a lot of history of the creation of humanity has been hidden, October might be a time when part of it may be revealed. Hence creating a feeling of rebirth as this knowledge leads to a grander understanding of one’s purpose.

The shadows of the night are to be enlightened. Night turns into day. By that your own shadows become so visible that you will be able to integrate them as part of you. No longer in the need of hiding or distracting yourself from the truth of your eternal beingness.

“Receive the strutting power virtue of the living glow.” Your own glow will be shown to you. You may realise what you are actually made of. Your existence on the multidimensional realm is uncovered. Flashbacks from other life times and multi-parallel lives may come up suddenly. Feel into them and start integrating their energetic prints into your system. As this will assist you in recovering your glow.

“You may look puzzled, but your smile is real.” This whole situation may feel strange to you and it might need time to getting used to all that is to reveal itself. As your heart knows the way, a smile is inevitable to what is to be experienced by your human self.

“Multiply yourself in all that you can be.” Your aspects, forgotten energetic parts may all rejoin you. If that happens, making space for yourself is highly needed. Imagine a lightening struck going through your system. Your physical body needs readjustments as well as your mental and emotional state. On a spiritual level, this is what is expected. As a human in current form, it may become overwhelming to your nervous system. Rest as much as needed and possible. Take days off, if you feel called to. Connect with whatever experience you have whilst simply sitting with it and feeling into all sensations that are coming up. Allow yourself to ask for help if needed.

“Bravely bear your head and climb the steps of the long-awaited Temple of Eternity.” This may not necessarily be a literal temple. Rather the temple of your own eternal beingness. With pride of who you are, you are to walk head held high step by step upwards into the realms of the divine.

All in all this channelling emits a feeling of a golden dawn. As I said in the foreword, all energetic information are available at all times. It is a matter of how and when it manifests in your human life. Regardless, you are able to tap into these energies with much more ease this month. Doors may close and open for you. Trust your intuition to guide you along the way. You are always and foremost the master of your own life.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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