The energy of November 2022 is rather interesting. Pale pastel shades of blue and pink were swirling around as the message was received. It seems to be a total opposite of the known Scorpio Plutonian vibes. As we uncover the meaning of the channelled message, it may not be that surprising after all. Sweet life ahead?

Channelled message November 2022

Boldly you move forward, on your quest of satisfactory desires.
Recalculating that what you once wanted.
Brisk and sovereign you glide through life.
Unforgettable in your stature.

Your genomes marrily rejoice with the Light of Kartha.
Kartha, a planetary energy that holds codes to recalibrate your cells’ information structure.

Barely hanging on to fulfil your lost causes, you are ready to redirect your current amplitudal ways.
Wants and needs are sure to be shown in no time to come into reality.

Layer by layer, like a birthday cake, you’ll be celebrating the sweetness of life.
Sugary and welcoming.
(side note: sounds of Wuuuuuuu continued to fill my ears.)

Remember: It is your birthright to be happy.

Channelled through Lisa Beck on November 3rd 2022

Remarks of the message

Overall the meaning is pretty straightforward.

You may receive an energy push that catapults you forward. Through that, you may awaken to new abilities and capabilities.

You become more self-confident in both personality and how you present yourself in the world. As your whole being seems to rise, so does your posture. More confidence means a straighter spine. Through that, the energy is able to flow more easily.

You might receive a conscious energy upgrade that will enlighten all your cells. Thus upgrading your cell’s memories. This could lead to an awakenening to lost soul memories, or the desire to eat differently, or change circumstances drastically however you feel called.

What’s the planet Kartha?

The planet Kartha has not been heard of by me before. It seems as though this planet serves as a storage of energy that is to be released. Feeling into it intuitively, I sense vibrant life residing on it. The so-called Katharians, are of short stature, very lean and quick in in their movement. They are constantly in connection with the energy running from the core.

A joyful folk tht spins in circles often, like a screw that digs deep. Their movements create air vortices that help keep the atmosphere clean and alive.

Receiving this energy upgrade you may feel dizzy and light-headed.

You may also re-create a familiar feeling of having been on this planet before living as a Katharian in another life.

Further remarks

Befitting with the hightened energy of Kartha, you may feel a change of your actions, wants and needs as your system changes its vibration. Your amplitudal ways change their frequency. What once was interesting may change from one moment to another. As mentioned above this could lead to dietary changes, or the will to flip your life upside down.

All of these experiences are of a joyful nature. It is as so you have waited for this return to joy for a long time. Rejoining with your pure essence. Like a rebirth that is rewarded with the sweetness of life’s offerings.

The use of the soft colours of blue and pink

These colours gently came flowing in. Through waves and weaved movements they showed themselves.

Pastel blue is a colour that helps to create a freshness and calmes your nerves. It gives you a clarity that makes you mentally stable. It also balances yourself.

The shades of pastel pink are softening the heart. Thus preparing the heart space to give and receive love in its purest form.

Use both colours whenever you feel the urge in November 2022. Either in terms of clothing, scarves, home decoration, light therapy, looking at images or showering yourself in its frequency during meditation.


Although the colours and overall energetic theme seem soft, a drastic sudden life change (transformation) is very much connected with the Scorpio energy. It doesn’t always have to involve painful, stripped to the bones moments. Apparently it can also be of a more blissful journey.

However this energy reaches you this month, prepare yourself to have small or big life changes happening. Whatever changes occur, they are meant for you and your individual journey.

Remember not to compare your journey to another. As all of us carry different luggage and choose different destinations. Your’s is your’s to keep.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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