As usual, the energy channelling includes a channelled message on what may be essential for you. Additionally one or more spirit guides are being introduced to you with whom you can connect in the month ahead. This time I have used the card deck “Angels among us” and an Egyptian divination tool called Sacred Scarabs.

Beware that energy moves and changes. Some of the messages may not be in alignment with you currently. I offer you guidance that you can use but are not compelled to do so. Take what resonates and ignore the rest.

That said I wish you another transformative and wonderful month.

Channelled Message for August 2022

Guardian of the given circumstances, get ready.
Guardian of chaos, be aware.
Guardian of the rods, stay in focus of mindful concerns.
Guardian of existence, it is time.

Biased, you rule the conclusions of life.
Lived or not, it is up to the circumstance.

Urgently the gates close.
In or out, it is up to you.

Completely resolved, decided and closed.
The key in your hand, you come forward.
Smoky and sooty you step out.
Daring and yet wounded.

There is not one way.
There are those of many circumstances.
Avoided or heeded.

You are at the destination of the first key.
More follow.

Do not be a satiated child.
The meal is not yet complete.

Call your concerned ones (ancestors) to you.
Enjoy the delicacies of madness in a solemn ceremony.
Sense of madness is not peevish.
It is already in done completion, of things presenting themselves to you.

It is your turn.

Wait no longer for the Saviour.
You are saved in your circumstance.

So be it. So it is.

End of transmission.
Received through Lisa Beck on 31 July 2022

Remarks and explanations regarding the channelled message

Upon questioning for more information regarding the guardians, I received that they are sleepers. Sleepers as in guardians that have been asleep and are now to wake up in order to fulfil their task at hand.

They are more like an energy form that is not dense or physically appearing. Very much like a “touch of nothing”. Feel free to connect to their energy so you may understand, what I am trying to explain, better.

Interestingly, the Guardian of Rods is acting like an ample man (that is the exact term I was told). Stop and go.

Together they create a circle much like the ouroboros, a symbol that represents destruction and rebirth. Thus telling of a time in August in which matters might be coming to a conclusion. I emphasise on might.

The content of the message after that is speaking to the reader directly.

It speaks of taking self-responsibility for your own life. You are in charge of completing your cycles of life which are many in one lifetime. As it says, “Biased, you rule the conclusions of life.”, it refers to humans acting a certain way that has been conditioned i.e. plainly said you go to school, then college or university, then get a decent job, then get married and have children waiting for your retirement. These are all completions of life stages that are addressed.

With the next words saying, “Urgently the gates close.”, it could be that things will start to turn out differently than the usual walk of life. You are encouraged to make a decision of whether you want to walk the worn-down path or you are daring to go through unknown territory.

With that decision you close a door behind which you cannot reopen. You have the keys to all of your life decisions. There is nothing that you cannot decide to do.

It might be exhausting and at times painful due to deconditioning your beliefs, your body cells, your thoughts. Ultimately, every decision you will make leads you on to a path that is meant for you to experience.

August 2022 will have a lot to digest. What exactly that will be, I was not told.

Keep in mind that you have ancestors walking beside you. They are your spirit guides and are very much interested in what you will do. All you do, always has an influence on your ancestral line, especially for those who are yet to come.

Do connect with your ancestors in August in order to ask for their help, assistance and guidance in matters that matter to you and them. They will also suport you in circumstances that may seem out of hand or unpredictable. Whatever you see in the world happen, may be so out of scope and unbelievable that it may feel unrealistic even mad. Yet that madness ought to occur as we come to a close of a major cycle. Remember: From chaos to divine order.

It is your turn to act in whatever way is comfortable for you at this moment. That may be taking courage to make a life change or to take more times out and rest. It is up to you as it has always been.

Whoo, that surely sounds like a call-out. But you would not have incarnated in this time if you were not up for the challenge. You are a resilient soul and can handle it. Bow to yourself and honour your path.

You spirit guide and energies to connect to that support you in August

As spirit has a way of being amusing and very synchronistic, the Angel that will support you this month is Archangel Azrael. He helps you in matters of death and rebirth, transitions and life changes. A most suitable guide I would say, with a wink in my eye.

Other energies to connect to are the Nile and Seshat, Lady of Writing.

Card with Archaangel Azrael and three scarabeus coins
Spirit Guides for August 2022

How can you connect to Archangel Azrael?

In moments of distress of anxiety, imagine lights of blue shades, pink and lilac embracing you completely. Let these lights wash away all doubts and concerns.

Also you can ask him to untie any knots in your solar plexus that obstruct you to move forward in life. Make sure to let any knots be untied in the back as well.

You can call his name 3 times in a row in order to have his presence uplift your spirit.

When you see the number 5, you are reminded to connect to Archangel Azrael.

If your path is unclear or foggy, then ask him to fill your channel and your third eye with golden flakes that dissolve any dense energies. In regards to that, you may experience more headaches (than usual). If that is the case, do any of the recommended actions above.

Message from the Sacred Scarabs – Nile and Seshat, Lady of Writing

Message of the Nile and how to use its energy

My life as a water being has been seeing many life times of human history. I am an embodiment of a library of history. Any information you wish to know and understand you can ask of me. The molecules of the water store these information. They are willing to share anything with you.

As the Nile has connected upper and lower Egypt at one point in history, it can also connect your lower and upper chakras. For that imagine a flow of water running from your earth star chakra all the way up to your soul star chakra where it will float out like a fountain. Even if you do not understand the chakra system fully, the flow of energy knows its way. Your intention is what counts.

Another option is for you to imagine yourself swimming through me or just floating on my water surface. That way you are able to give any dense emotions or energies to me as I will restructure them in a way that feels more aligned with you.

Message of Seshat and how to connect to her

As she is the Egyptian Goddess of writing, wisdom and knowledge, it is apparent that you are able to heal and transform anything through writing this month. You are asked to be precautious of the way you use your words. The energies this month are heightened and thus words and their frequencies are influencing you and your surroundings even more profoundly.

Lady/Goddess Seshat is your spirit guide if you need advice and directions on how to use writing for yourself. Either regarding processing information or sharing information.

You are encouraged to tune into your soul’s wisdom and use that knowledge to your advantage for making life altering decisions.

This is your chance to start journaling. Either journal about your dreams in the morning to recall any subconscious messages. Or you can journal about your feelings and emotions. You can also take notes on epiphanies and impulses you have during the day. In any case having a notebook nearby is important in August 2022 not to forget any message.


This month may be life changing for you.

Take this chance to get to the roots of your conditions, belief systems and emotions in order to understand your human existence and purpose. Do this via connecting with your ancestors, Archangel Azrael or through writing and journaling.

I am here for you if need any support or personal soul guidance.

May this August be a time of uplifting surprises and encouraging actions.

May you live in the flow of the energies rather than in resistance. You are here now. Your presence is needed during these times. Be YOU.

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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