This is a collective energy channeling about what theme may show up for you during June 2022. You may resonate with it or not. You may have a different focus currently or have already healed parts of you that are being addressed in this article. Either way, may it find you well and inspire you on your further soul’s journey in human form.

You will find a lot of useful information in this article that have been accumulated from the initial message for the theme of the month. From there on I let myself be guided to further channelings or artwork. Everything keeps flowing in, once I start the process.

Here are a few tips for you whilst reading:

  • take a deep breath before you read any of the messages
  • take a deep breath after having read any of the messages
  • close your eyes for a moment and let the words sink into your body and energy field
  • read the messages out loud for a deeper activation in alignment with your own sound frequency
  • reread any messages, if you need to
  • have a glass of water available with you for grounding
  • most of all enjoy this activation

In gratitude of this energy channeling
Lisa Beck

Theme of the Month – Channeled message for June 2022

I ask you to forgive me.
I ask you to remember me.
I ask you to cherish me.
I ask you to stop ignoring me.
I ask you to fulfil my heart’s desires.
I ask you to be born again.
I ask you to become me, once again.
I ask you to forgive me.
I ask you to forgive yourself.
I ask you to look at me.
I ask you to love me.

I am you. And you are me.

I am the one that created you.
I am the inner voice, you have not heard.
I am the inner gentleness, you have not felt.

I am you. And you are me.

I am the inner innocence.
I am the child, you have neglected.
I am the inner child that you have forgotten.

I am playful.
I am goofy.
I am cherishable.

I am you. And you are me.

We are of the same essence.
In the core of your heart, you may feel the light steps of joy.
You may feel the purpose again, you once had laying before you.

I am a breath away.
I am a touch away.
I am a teardrop away.
I am only a moment away.

If you let yourself in again, we can play.
I have missed you.
Have you missed me?

end of transmission (channelled trough Lisa Beck on May 31st 2022)

The theme of the month for June 2022 is to re-connect with your inner child, create a bond and focus on further healing.

5 Ways to connect to your Inner Child

There are a few opportunities that I share with you, that you can use.

You are invited to work consciously with the cosmic energies. Additionally you can connect with the energies of helpful spirit animals that will assist you in bonding with your inner innocence this month. You can use all of these or choose one to focus on.

Cosmic Energies for Guidance in June 2022

The rays that will assist you on your journey are the Green Ray and the Pink/Magenta Ray.

As I was connecting with the relevant energies, I was impulsed to create a visual artwork and let my inner child take the rein. Since energies are etheral or plasmic, an acrylic pouring art would be perfect. I bought a brush set for procreate and experimented with the colours and shapes.

Two artworks were created. One you can see as title image above. The other one is below and was the first one I painted. My inner child is happy.

digital abstract art bright pink and green neon colours
Abstract digital artwork visualising energies of June 2022 channelled and created through Lisa Beck

Message of the Green Ray

Experience yourself as reflections of a prism.
Your inner child is one of these reflections.

They look upon you and swirl around you.
They penetrate you and exit you.
They expand and contract you.

end of transmission (channelled trough Lisa Beck on June 1st 2022)

Quite an interesting message. The colour green is considered a neutral colour which marks the middle of the colour wheel. It creates sort of a prism itself when the adjacent colours arrange around it.

Meditate with the Green Ray and let it show you to the place of your personal prism. Feel the light within and around you. Surrender.

Message of the Pink Ray

Ride the emotional wave of re-connection.
You can let it all out – the tears, the pain, the joy, the anger, the sadness, the memories, the love.

What is within you may rise up now.
Let it.
Welcome it.
Be gentle.
Be caring.
Be amazed.

Mother yourself.
Father yourself.
You are the protective cloak of your inner child.
Be there for them.
Be a home for them.

Learn as a student.
Teach as a teacher.
You are all that.
You are one with your inner child.

end of transmission (channelled trough Lisa Beck on June 1st 2022)

Use the loving energy of the Pink Ray to practice loving your inner child this month and beyond. Let the colour embrace all of you and weave threads to all parts of you, so you are able to bond once again.

You can also meditate with either or both of the artworks. Look at them and dive deep into the space of their creation. Let the colours sink into your eyes to then let your eyes shut close gently. Feel the vibration of the colours and let their frequency cleanse any blockages that may hinder a real connection.
All artwork is blessed and infused with loving energies to assist you.

Your Spirit Animal Guides for June 2022

Following the call to ask the oracle cards for which animals join your journey, two cards fell out. I was amused and had to laugh about how obvious the spiritual realm works sometimes. (Thank you.)

The Lion (divine family frequency) and the Dolphin (a perfect playful inner child companion) both invite you to use their energy to enhance your inner child connection. In addition, I asked for their message instead of reading the booklet as I wanted to know direct information relevant to this month’s theme.

Message from the Lion

collage lion golden clouds and golden bubbles
The Lion – Spirit Animal of the Month for June 2022

Behold your breath.
Let’s fly.
Let’s run.
Let’s move.
Let’s rest.

Be daring to be yourself.
Be courageous to show yourself to the world.
Be loud.
Be serene.
Be comfortable in all you are.

Let your inner child come seek me.
I’ll accept them in my circle.

I am the mother.
I am the father.
I am the sister.
I am the brother.
I am all that your inner child is yearning for.

I give and you shall receive – undivided intention, endless love, pure joy, protection, a home, a playmate.
All you seek, you will find in me.

Watch and ovserve a lion family and you will understand the dynamics of divinity.

Be comfortable with crossing your boundaries.
Be comforted in your pain.

I am here for you dear child.
I am here for you dear soul.
I am here for you dear light.

– end of transmission (channelled through Lisa Beck on June 1st 2022)

Give yourself a moment. Read it again anytime you feel it is needed. Let the lion be a comfortable guide for you. Remember to tune into the frequency by observing a family of lions.

Message from the Dolphin

collage dolphin blue birght light ring unterwater with blue and white glitter stars
The Dolphin – Spirit Animal of the Month for June 2022

Swim with us.
Dive deep.
Drop your seriousness.
What are you frowning for?
There is no reason.
Be carefree and the Universe gives you the gifts of life.

Hear our sound and travel through the space of where stars are born.

Remember you are a star child.
Recall your star light frequency.
Let it sink, in every cell and fibre of your body.
Be it.
Live it.

Recall the frequency of the divine order.
This too shall pass.
Whatever sorrow you carry, it is a gift to direct you on your path.

Dear soul, be brave and remember the gift you are.

Hidden, beneath the concrete of your baggage, lays a gemstone that shines more brightly that you can foresee.
Connect to that gemstone and you ought to connect to your frequency of your own being.


end of transmission (channelled through Lisa Beck on June 1st 2022)

The dolphin asks you this month to connect with the frequency of your higher child. That frequency is tuned into the healing powers of pure divinity. You are asked to connect your inner child of this life with the higher child. This way your inner healing will be leaping forward. Whilst in meditation with the dolphins spirit, you can play calming sounds of dolphins.


Phew! What an update, right? I am also very surprised to what has unfolded here and come through.

Whilst you were reading, you have already been activated by the energies that have been channelled through the messages, the artworks, the rays of pink and green and the spirit guides present at this moment.

I suggest, you drink a glass of activated water (here you will see images of water crystals formed through loving words and/or photographs i.e. dolphin). This will help you to ground your body and all the information that you have soaked up.

For your highest integration, reread the messages and meditate with your inner child, the higher child, the artwork, the rays and the spirit animals lion and dolphin.

It is understandable that you ought to take step by step and go for what resonates with you the most.

If you need or want more guidance on how to connect more deeply with all or parts of these frequencies, I am here for you.
If you want to work more deeply with your soul frequency, I am here for you.
If you want a more personalised journey through this month, I am here for you.

(Remark: For 1 on 1’s this month, I make an exception to start working with you this month already instead of next, since it is apparent that June’s energies are filled with highly welcomed frequencies.)

In gratitude of serving you
Lisa Beck

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