From chaos to order. This is approximately how the channelling for February can be summarised. On the one hand, there are situations that are a bit rough. On the other hand, there is also much brilliance and joy. How each person moves on the path of awakening is individual. Of course, it can happen that light and shadow perform a dance to the same music. The path can be rocky or smooth. The change demands a foundational stability and grounding.

As with any channelling, accept what resonates with you and your inner voice. Read with your heart and trust your inner light as a guide.

Message of the monthly energy of February 2023

Scorching ice.
Volcanoes errupting.

Breaking the chains to withdraw from an undignified life.
Honourable and suited to reach pinnacles of no more self-destructive criticism as it all burns down to ashes.

Relieving quarrels are in order to disrupt the continuity of boring lives.
Rattling shambles are a sound to be reckoned with.

Mesmerising sky lights brighten up the night.
It is as so an illumination is taking place to revolutionise life as we know it.

Capitulating the self-centred lifestyle of the relatives.

A white light of liberation rises in the hearts.
Carefully it spreads the wings of blessings.
Called to shine.
Shines a radiance of awakened human.
No longer introverted and dismissive, he wears a smile on his lips that emulates the luminous glimmer of the stars.
Consequently, it triggers a wave of predestined love.

Smile in the eye of creation.
The purity of divine joy rises from the abysses of miserable ethics.
Much more than a semblance, is the newborn being.

received through Lisa Beck
Snowdrops in the snow with illustrations of snowflakes surrounded by a picture frame of blue crystals
Awakening messengers of the new beginning – snowdrops

Remarks and helpful tips

Article 1 of the German Constitution immediately comes to mind: “Human dignity shall be inviolable”. People seem to take back this dignity in February. This can happen on different levels and in different situations in life: professionally, in the family, in interpersonal relationships, towards oneself, in health. It can come to an act of recalling. Self-awareness of what it means to be a holistic human being.

Emotions can be swept to the top. Conflicts or fiery situations a result of this. What has accumulated over years or decades seems to want to be released. Especially in relationships, whether romantic or professional, outbursts can occur. Disputes can also arise within family constellations. It is as if one wants to vent oneself. To prevent this or to alleviate the outburst, it is advisable to look at the emotions in advance. When you feel called to, take more time for yourself and turn inward. In the way that is familiar to you. Here are a few examples: Journaling, meditation, walks, power movements, crying, talking, Breathwork techniques, telepathic communication with the emotion.

The luminous sky may indicate that these are strong solar storms that decorate the sky with intense auroras. Possibly to meridians that do not otherwise experience this phenomenon. There will be a channelling of solar energy on this in due course. The divine moment will reveal itself.

“As above, so below.” The ejection of extreme solar energy also releases an ejection of energy in the human being. Radiant light can therefore also manifest in the heart space. This leads to the divine energy of love and the ecstasy of light. The more people awaken this radiance in themselves, the more people are influenced by it and are lifted up inwardly with it. This scenario triggers a chain reaction that simply puts a smile on your face.

From this love, a new pedestal will develop that will rise above the present one. It will cause a veritable feast of joy for some. Giving a nudge that turns into a daring leap forward. The new beginning or for some the end of a long awaited transformation.

For the most part, this sounds very promising and pleasant. May the energies of February carry you in ways that are comfortable for you and your ascension.

There is also the possibility of receiving more clarity and more precise indications and messages through a personal monthly channelling. How so, find out here.

Soulguided through life

In Gratitude
Lisa Beck

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