It becomes more apparent where the energies are going. For the last three months it has become much lighter and more joyful to witness. Certainly not in everyone’s life. You can review the blog posts of the Channelings for September, October and November to reflect on what has changed in your life. Remember, though energy doesn’t lie, it is always up to yourself what perspective you create and focus on.

Truthfully spoken, you are your own master of your life. However cliché that sounds, it is a relevant part of your life journey to comprehend the power you have always had within you. Hidden or visible, it is present.

For this month’s energy channeling, I’ve gotten the impulse to create a PDF document, that you can download and print out. Place it somewhere visible and read it as often as you feel called to.

As each channeling carries a certain pupose, this month’s purpose is for you to become aware that you are now awake. That your soul is yearning to walk its desired path. You may not yet see clearly. Be assured that in December the shades will fall down and you will be able to recognise your inner divine self.

Claim it. Claim yourself. Claim your soul path.

Additionally to the channeled message, I have also received colours that will assist you on your transforming path. Find them disclosed below the channeling.

Energy Channeling December 2022

TRUST yourself.
There is no other source than the one that resides within you.

Meet your inner child with grace and the sense of gentle beingness.

Respect your desires.
They illuminate your path from the non-visible.

Dark nights will bring you healing experiences.

You are anchored light.
Without you the world will not become that place of benevolence.

Striving your every step you are asked to show your magnificent light.
Divine and royal.
These are your attributes.

What are your virtues?
Do you live by aspiring truthfulness?
Will you become a liberating spirit being?

Unconcerned you stand.
Your face shines in crystalline form of its created worth.
Your eyes signify the entrance to the treasury of all pure knowledge.
Your cheeks reveal your passionate pioneering.

Shine, you ray of fulfilment.

Put into writing each word of the decisive sentence.
What are the words you choose to speak?
What is the imprint of your expression?

Striding the streets.
You are appreciative achievement.
By your existence alone.

You are true beingness.
You are not the shell that keeps you dry.

You are flowing deformation of the divine created.

Prepare your path.
It is visible to you.
Walk it with grace.

The fallen trees are rising up again.
Your path is free.

In the one sound of unison.

Received through Lisa Beck on December 1st 2022

Remarks and further guidance

The channeling is pretty straight forward this time.

It tells about connecting with your inner divine spirit. That being that holds it all together and always has your back, as it is the pillar of your existence.

You are encouraged to take your moments to answer the questions asked. Understand your true desires. Find out what truth makes you authentic. Thus you will be able to take another step forward to freeing yourself from any last constraints.

Write your answers down. Do some journaling. Re-discover yourself and your purpose by practicing automatic soul writing.

In doing so you strengthen the bond between your soul and your human aspects. Thus uniting all of you.

Channeled colours that help you on your journey in December

Before starting to receive the message in writing, I first saw the colour emerald green, followed by royal blue and highlighted by subtle citron butterfly yellow flowers. The colours and the flowers playfully swirled around.

Interestingly the hues of the colours both speak of royalty. As was written in the message “Striving your every step you are asked to show your magnificent light. Divine and royal. These are your attributes.”

Use both or any of the colours to add to your life this month. Either work with crystals such as the obvious choice of emerald as well as Lapis Lazuli. Lapis Lazuli is part of the mask of Tutenchamun which marks it as a highly appreciated crystal used in Ancient Egypt.

Furthermore you can use the colours in clothing and home decoration.

All aiding to connecting to your heart chakra as well as amplifying your true voice. This is, as perceived, one of the most important tasks for you this month. To activate, establish and reinforce your throat chakra. “Put into writing each word of the decisive sentence. What are the words you choose to speak? What is the imprint of your expression?”


As the spiritual journey evolves around recognising and truthfully living your soul essence /inner divine being, the month of December 2022 sets the perfect energetic imprint for you to doing so.

You will have it much easier this month to step onto your soul path with ease and courage.

Take the chance to connect visibly and with urgance.

We have been called to step up and forward for many years. Some of us have done so. Others have been afraid. Then there are those who have not yet recognised their actual empowering self.

For all of us there is a purpose. You might just find it out this month or if you have already, you may be able to live your purpose on a much grander scale than you have been doing.

I am gladly here for you, if you need further personal guidance in regards to soul connection, purpose, recognising your inner divine light, feeling your essence and expressing it.

Soul guided through Life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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