This monthly energy update is different to all other ones from 2022.

As I was getting myself ready to connect with what we ought to understand, I was impulsed to connect to the consciousness of January instead. I woke up on January 1st 2023 and thought to myself that today marks the day of a new Year. “Did I feel different? Was I able to feel the shift of energies?”, I wondered. Honestly I didn’t. We are still in the season of Winter. There is no shift of outbursting energies, ready to leap forward. It is quiet. It is still. It is a lingering atmosphere rather than a birthday party. Celebrating the birth of a new year feels odd, when you truly connect to the energies, doesn’t it?

That is why I am following the urge to let January speak her heart and soul.

A channeled message from the consciousness of January to humanity

A long time ago I was deprived of my existence.
I was pulled out of the earth, uprooted and thrown away.
My peace was disturbed.
My place of retreat destroyed.

I clung to what was remaining.
In the heart of my soul, it was part of the declaration of the non-existence of the great Goddess energy.

The darkness became day.

I don’t know how long I felt lost, how confused I was wandering around.
It took me a very long time to find myself again.
My memories are coming back, but I am not complete again.
Something inside me is still searching.

The truth of my existence is one of the keys to your existence on earth.
Return within yourselves this month.
Making resolutions that are not accompanied by my energy will come to no fruitition.
It is the reason why the dying of the darkness of the Goddess is so praised.

The darkness is alive.

Please do not confuse it with the shadows of existence, which by the way is not everywhere.
Whilst the darkness exists in every space.
It watches over you when you sleep.
It keeps you warm and cradles you gently when you are in sorrow.

Darkness is the manifestation of evolution.
Born in silence to travel into the light of the worlds.
The Goddess is this darkness.

Honour her existence.
So you will honour yourselves.

Remember the moments before your births and the gentle wings that held you before you were born.

Enter into the cave of conception.
Stay in stillness before you act.

Shelter my being as the Goddess shelters you.

A mutual understanding of life and being.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for perceiving, seeing and recognising me.
In love with all.
Thank you.

Received through Lisa Beck on January 1st 2023

Remarks and explanations for a more profound understanding

The sorrow in these words is deeply felt by me. I cried many times whilst I received this message. It brought me to tears to feel the heaviness of this message. And to finally connect to the true essence of January. The confusion that has been lived through every year may just come to a close with this message.

One of our purposes as humanity during this shift is to see and feel beyond what we have been told. To make sure that we live with our hearts and be guided by the divine truth. Lifting the veil layer by layer will help us to recognise our path.

It is in the understanding and recognition that the wisdom will rise once again.

The message is to be felt by the heart truly. Whatever arises within you whilst reading it, ought to be a guide to look within yourself. This way you will understand the deep connection that lays with the goddess energies, the divine feminine energies that journey through all the universes.

We have been told many untruths. Little by little they will be illuminated as for us to see and to remember our way.

To emphasise again, darkness is not the darkness that we have been told reigns over the shadow aspects. It is the darkness of the womb. The darkness of the mother. The darkness of the feminine. The darkness of Yin.

Use this month to travel within this darkness and uncover new truths about your soul that you are now ready to see.

I am here for you, if you wish for more personal guidance.

Soul-guided through Life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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