This year was a more exciting year than usual. That is because numerologically spoken it is my year 1. A year of beginnings, new adventures, creating foundations for the years to come and an overall refreshment of life itself. As a life path number 1, I felt like this year would be my well known terrain. With my motivation to start this year, my motto was Birth. In January I wasn’t able to foretell how much of a birthing process I would undergo in 2022. Honestly spoken, the actual freebirth of my daughter in 2020 was rather easy, timely quick, grounding, calm and liberating. It was a true blessing. Some of the situations I had to face this year were more a disguise at first. Only later they turned into a much deeper understanding of why I had to experience them. Writing this Review of the Year 2022 has cleared so much space in my mind and my emotional body. It has helped me empty my cup for all the new adventures that await me in 2023. But before we enter 2023, let’s look back on some of the most profound themes that have accompanied my personal, spiritual and business growth.

Review of my Year 2022:

Finding a new home – Again!

Finally summer 2022 marks the moment when I found a long-term home. Since 2020 I had been moving with my daughter for 5 times until I was able to settle down in my 6th home in Arnstadt. People have seriously asked me how I had managed to stay in my light. Honestly I don’t have an answer. Many times I didn’t know the next step or what would happen. Yet, everytime I started anew, I tried my best to come to terms with the situation. That was as best as I could, regarding the circumstances. Emotional turmoils weren’t off the list obviously. I can only say that whatever happened, it kept guiding me into a certain direction. That direction being to take full hands on responsibility of my life and the decisions I made.

Brettspiel mit spirituellem Thema über Einhörner, Engel, Magier und geflügelte Löwen mit einem Rosenquarzherz
Spiel der Wunder – a spiritual boardgame

This year truly was influenced by having to trust spirit. It started with a gift on my birthday in January. The game Spiel der Wunder has set something off. The first time I played it, it was deeply cleansing. The laughter and joy of playing it, travelled through the house. It created moments of abundance and connection on all levels. Also in timely alignment with me taking care of my surroundings and consulting Feng Shui to redecorate my bagua centre space. That is until the day I was suddenly asked to move out in February. Somehow the energies within the community had changed. So I did move out. I had an absolute déjà vu as the situation was similar to another in 2021. I wondered what my soul wanted. Having had lots of unanswered questions, I started to organise my life. With tons of paper work, phone calls, deep sighs, head shaking, discussions, commuting and researching I was finally able to sign the new tanant contract in June 2022. A deep relief washed over me. Followed by an inner knowing that this was supposed to be like that from the start. It took me many u-turns to understand that I can only blossom fully when I have the freedom to create my own home. Instead of moving to a place where energies have already been established including density, sorrow, expectations, and unfulfilled life purposes.

Flohmarkt mit verschiedenen Gegenständen wie Puppen, Taschen und einem Hausschild
Finding a home amidst the chaos in my life.

Now I am sitting here in my warm, cosy and spacious home that is filled with all the good things that I want for myself. It was an incredible rollercoaster ride to get here. This is my resumé:

  • ALWAYS listen to your intuition. Even the tiniest little hunch is worth noticing and acting on.
  • Don’t be afraid to say No.
  • Stand up for yourself and voice your opinions.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you, you are unworthy.
  • Be grateful for the supportive people and spirit guides around you.
  • Never underestimate the powers of Feng Shui.
  • 3 steps back can lead to a leap of 6 steps forward.

Blogging Adventure 2.0

In summer 2021 I created my new website. With a fresh start and loads of enthusiasm I was ready to also incorporate a blog. Since I had been writing a lot of longer posts on Instagram, I felt it was time to go bigger. I had so much to share that it just wouldn’t fit anymore in under 2200 characters. My first blog post was created through the Boom Boom Blog Challenge organised by Judith Peters. Why I love telepathic communication marks the beginning of my blogging adventure. I had enjoyed Judith’s guidance through my first article. Then I felt a bit lost of what to write about next. I felt under pressure (Feel free to sing along David Bowie’s and Freddie Mercury’s song). Hence I hadn’t written anything. Until May 2022.

Frau, die lächelnd vor einem Computer sitzt und eine gelbe Tasse mit heißem Kakao hält
Story time on Instagram. Boom Boom Blog Challenge with Judith Peters.

Another Boom Boom Blog Challenge set my heart on fire. This time it was about how we became who we are . A fantastic theme. I definitely had lots to share about that and then this article was published 16 crossways to becoming a soul human connection guide. Writing about my life path made me realise how far I had actually come and what I have accomplished. It was encouraging and liberating. I was proud of myself. Not only had I written yet another article but I had been staying on my soul path against all odds. Though there were plenty of times when I wanted to give up on my business, turn my back and walk away, I never really could do it. Returning to the corporate world was out of the question and just made me tense, thinking about it. My soul’s desire to walk her path was stronger than my ego fear. So I kept going and wille continue to doing so.

With that article and recognition of my own worth, I actually kept writing. I started to share monthly channeled energy updates. Since I wasn’t confined anymore to a limited wording, I added comprehensive explanations and remarks for my readers to understand some of the more abstract words that I channeled. My inspiration roared and more and more content wanted to fill the blog. I published other articles. The more I wrote, the easier and more fun it became. I wasn’t afraid anymore of any technical issues nor was I afraid to not having enough to say. It came flowing in. At the end of 2022, I will have published about 16 articles. That’s an 1500% increase of articles to 2021!

For next year I have already promised myself to go even further and publish 3 articles per month minimum. That will be a total of 36 articles coming together to an increase of 125%. Sounds manageable. Writing is connection to soul, spirit and energy consciousness. And consciousness has much to say. I am gladly assisting.

My Claim finds me – Soul-guided through Life

Thankful to Maria Bonilha for the “My Claim” Workshop that opened a portal to creating more soulfilled content. Within a few days me and other women were guided to look deep within ourselves in order to recognise the inner light. Hence connecting to our clarity, focus and vision. With a guided meditation I was led to see and meet my future self in November 2025. I was amazed by the woman who stood before me. She is healthy, radiant, calm, sorted, self-confident, passionate, assuring and beautiful. The day was filled with an interview for a magazine and a photoshoot. The future version of myself has a team and personal assistant to support me along the way. Witnessing that life, I felt deeply accomplished, reassured to keep going. Our conversation was filled with encouraging words. I could only smile and keep smiling even after the meditation had finished. Seeing myself in that circumstance gave me a tremendous boost of energy and the confidence to not give up on what I am building. Instead keep going, experimenting, learning and going my way.

It definitely made a great start for finding my claim. During 5 days I was diving deeper into my values, my skills, and my energy boosts. My notebook was filled with clear and eye-opening notes. A worthy foundation for what I am to communicate about myself to others. The first claim I felt drawn to was I am myself. To me it sounded clear, broad and empathising. In one of the Zoom Calls we were able to gain feedback in small groups. As I told my claim, it didn’t resonate much with others as it didn’t feel specific but rather broad. As I explained about what I do and my values, it was clear to the 3 other women that Soul is a word that ought to be incorporated. I was thankful for the feedback. I took more time in the evening to meditate and connect again to my future self. By reminiscing on past experiences, I realised that I live my life guided by spirit. With all the trust I have in life and how things will turn out, it became obvious that I am spiritually guided and open to receiving such guidance. Hence my claim was born – Soul-guided through Life.

collage with blue feather, mandala and a green leaves with text in the middle saying my claim - soul guided through life
My claim that empowers me on all levels.

It brought me to tears. It made me sigh out in gratitude. It made me recognise how my human self and business were entwined. It made me realise that my business is truly build by me. The pillar of the claim was now one pillar more that holds me up. When I feel down or discouraged, I just recite my claim and I am smiling. It not only fits to any life situation but also to the work I do and offer to clients. My claim has its own energy and accompanies me through ups and downs. It completes my posts. It completes my work. And it completes my life. For now these words are here to stay.

Reawakening the connection to Ancient China

Just reading this title gives me a knowingly smile and spirit bumps all over. During the second half of the year I have become more gentle again, calmer, more focused, more spiritually connected and more liberated to pursue my impulses. One of them being, to follow my subconscious subtle nudges to delve into Chinese culture. Interestingly it started with the start of Korean dance show Street Man Fighter in August. I had to turn off the show after a few minutes in at the first episode. It was mean, vicious and uber competetitive. I felt shocked how people could treat each other like this so openly. I was in a bit of a hole since I was looking forward to this so much. One comment recommended to watch Street Dance of China. In my desire to watch some mesmerising dancing, I tuned in season 3.

Wow, I was blown away by the change of worlds. The theme of that season was “Battle for Love” which says it all. The respect the dancers have for each other, the way the captains have shared precious moments with one another and the overall joyful atmosphere created a deep impression on me. I was also acquainted deeper with the the culture of China as choreographies created inspiring stories showing their deep sense and pride of their country’s history.

chinesisches teeset gong fu cha mit chinesischen studienbüchern oben auf dem tablett
Chinese tea set Gong Fu Cha and my study books

The more I listened to the conversations, the more I understood why I have become so intruiged. The language has a melodic and elaborate sound, much like singing. The characters carry the old codes of ancient times. Delving into understanding the language, it draws me into a time that I feel I have experienced at one point. When I then consciously heard the traditional instrument Guqin, I couldn’t hold back a ray of emotions, opening my heart. In that moment I downloaded millisecond images of past life moments. As I was watching the Chinese TV show “The Untamed”, I felt so drawn to the costumes, interior and architecture, music and sense of beauty. My soul had guided me into understanding aspects of her that are part of myself. Listen here for one of the OST songs “Pure Heart Song”, that melts your heart.

Listening to the Guqin makes me nothing but smile. A wave of healing washes over me. It gives me a calmness within that I am only experiencing while listening to the violin or cello. It was in that moment when I knew I wanted to experience it throughout every cell of my body. So at the end of 2022, I made the decision to get a Guqin and learn how to play it. Using it as sound healing frequency and for meditative purposes.

This journey of the last 6 months has reawakened the recognition of my intention of learning and experiencing as much of being human as I can in this life. None of what I experience is of a trivial matter. All has its purpose. The soul has subtle ways to gently direct and strong slaps if too oblivious. Though the soul’s journey is never dismissal nor is it tame. As sweet or bitter it may feel, the depth of the soul is undisputable. Re-discovering that what is wisdom and inner truth leads to greatness.

No matter how tall the mountain is, it cannot block the sun.

Chinese Proverb

Summer Camp Online Marketing Adventure with Simone Grace Seol

Simone is a great marketing coach. Sovereign, honest, authentic, direct, no sugar coating anything, raw and real. I had followed her only a few months on Instagram and got hooked straight away. Then in summer she offered an amazing marketing adventure called Summer Camp. Two weeks filled with juicy assignments that were definitely out of the box. A workbook loaded with great inspiration. And a superb supportive online community that was thriving. It was an overwhelming but deeply satisfying time. A range of 5 activites made it an all exciting quest.

A playful activity that turned into great client feedback

I chose to offer 10 Playdates. Coming from a deep desire I wanted to offer something that was aligned with what I do and could transform my client in a way that was crisp and sweet. Activating my vision’s hat on, I played around with some heart-storming. At first, I took summer camp literally and came up with the idea “Picknick with your Soul”. That offer would be 60 minutes where I guide the client to experience their true essence to feeling alive and uplifted. After having created the offer and advertising it on social media, I didn’t feel the energy of it anymore. The way I approached it was a bit to bland and didn’t translate fully.

Since the community and Simone’s support were helpful, I requested feedback whether or not I could change the offer. The great thing about Simone is that she tells it as is. She is not babysitting or ordering. She basically said, it is my offer and I’ve got the freedom to change. As simple as this may sound, as freeing it was for me to hear that. In some ways I am quite obedient when it comes to doing business and marketing as I have learnt from studying Economics and Advertising. I realised, that I am sticking way too much to the Status Quo. It was time to change. Being in the camp made me realise that.

woman in front of a huge planet looking back whilst standing on rays of light
Advertisment from Energy Bath offer for Summer Camp

That said, I looked over my offer and went back to communicating with my soul and inner spirit. Hence Energy Bath was created. It was a 30 minute refreshing and revitalising online energy treatment. After a short conversation about what the client would like to focus on, I would start connecting with their soul. The guidance led to incredible meditations and channeled singing sessions. The clients felt deeply grounded, calm and taken care of afterwards. I felt immense gratitude for each of them and their trust in my work.

I experienced an energy bath with Lisa and I highly recommend it because my brain didn’t have to participate! This was so important to me as I try to think my way through things but what was needed was energy movement. I felt so peaceful and whole after. It was a beautiful experience and I felt I could make much more aligned and clear decisions after. Lisa is very gifted, thank you.

MarLisa H., Vancouver

Becoming a more experimental entrepreneur

I recognised that being an entrepreneur doesn’t have to be all so serious. It can be playful, experimental, daring, innovative, changing, non-sticky and carefree. I can try out and find my way without having to be stuck when things feel like glue. I switch it up, change direction and perspective in order to leap forward. The freedom of being an entrepreneur is exactly that – nonconforming to what others might think of how to run a business. Especially in the process of co-creating a New Earth, a new pardigm, a new society with a consciously advanced attitude, being a soul-preneur can be deeply rewarding. Much like a pioneer. Going places no one has gone to yet. Paving the way of how to holistically run a company integrating multi-dimensional aspects in each step of the way.

Frau, die in die Kamera lächelt, sitzt vor einem Regal mit Tarot- und Orakelkartendecks sowie mehreren Trommeln
Me in my meditation and filming space

Sometimes only a short time of 2 weeks in summer can change one’s perspective to grow, develop and feel the true essence of being self-employed.

Creativity soars with moving into my new home

With my new home, I was able to create a sacred place that was just for me. No disturbance, all freedom. Though I was quite in a shock when I viewed the flat, to see that it was pretty much in a raw state. As I was feeling into the space energetically, I realised how this blank canvas reminded me of creating art. It gave me the possibility to start from scratch. Considering the aspects of Feng Shui, I started planning out the layout and colours. This time using a Feng Shui compass, I was able to integrate all 9 areas. Helpful people & Travels as well as Children & Creativity take up the most space including an addition of a balcony. Working as an artist and being a mommy of a 2 year old made this an absolute win situation. Perhaps that’s why I took the most care of it. The living room is my all time favourite. It combines work space, art studio, chilling zone, guest reception and sacred retreat.

Wohnbereich mit Palettensofa, Meditationskissen und einem Regal mit Kartendecks
Meditative space and Winter altar in the area Helpful People & Travels

With the newly gained energy I started painting again properly after a 2 year break. It may not be long but it still feels like eons. I hadn’t realised how much I was surpressing my desire to create art before I moved into my new place. With lots of light and big windows I am able to catch the essence of the artwork on a new level. It feels liberating as I move around freely to paint. The surroundings are quiet and I can easily focus on channeling and creating on canvas.

At first I painted for myself to get in the groove again. Then, one by one, I started receiving commission work again. I truly feel that creating channeled art is one of my current purposes to focus on.

Nahaufnahme eines abstrakten Kunstwerks, das rosa Schattierungen mit verschiedenen Wellenlinien und Punkten zeigt
Zen Puzzle by Lisa Beck, an art I created for an upcoming market I attended

Energy flows where attention goes. Shortly after I regained my artistic consciousness back, I received an email about an art flea market in Erfurt’s Kulturquartier Schauspielhaus. It was like a sign. There, in August 2018, I celebrated the beginnings of my career as artist. Following my gut, I signed up. It was actually crazy because I only had about 6 days to create art to sell. I was working tirelessly, at times even through the night. Leading to feeling exhausted and yet so fulfilled. As per usual I made it on the exact day of the market. Setting up my stall felt nostalgic and brought me back in the days when I went to markets. The weather was lovely. The market wasn’t very busy nor did I sell much. I sold one painting to a small girl. She loved it. I felt happy about that and the shift that happened within me. Instead of feeling grumpy about not selling, I just felt gratitude. Gratitude for the sunshine, the excited children visiting my stall and approving of my cheerful art and my own willpower to pull through with passion. This passion showed me that I can definitely bend my boundaries, have faith in my capabilities and that I love painting once again.

geometrisches Kunstwerk in Lila und Flieder mit Perlen und Punkten
Another one of the artworks I created for the art flea market

Facebook suspends me – What now?

It is Sunday, December 4th 2022. By no means had I thought that I would end this year with a bang like getting banned. It started with a message from Facebook Meta. They brought to my attention, that one of my pages was posting content that was against the community guidelines. I was shocked, to say the least. How could someone be able to gain access to my accoun? Why would someone post content like that under my name? Why was I denied to stand up for myself and explain the situation? The page they had referred to hadn’t been actively used since 2019. I was asked to confirm if I was the admin of this page. Within minutes I received an email saying that my account has been suspended. I had the chance to disagree with the decision within 30 days. So I did. Pointless! I literally got kicked out. There was no possibility to talk to a human about it or get access to Facebook support since you need to be logged in to do so. No access to Instagram either. So here I was, being ripped of my contacts, work, memories, marketing channels and community.

It was all too upsetting. Also since I was just in the middle of the challenge #jahresrückblog22 hosted by Judith Peters, who actually experienced the same situation only a few weeks before me. With hundreds of other German bloggers we were hyping each other with our posts on this article you are reading right now. It was fun, enjoyable and supportive. Suddenly I was denied access to the Facebook group where I actively participated. Fortunately for me Judith organised her live videos also on Youtube.

a colourful assortment of note books
This is the cover of a reel as one of the Instagram posts for the challenge Jahresrückblog 2022.

How this affected me and my business

For an entrepreneur, social media definitely has its advantages. You get to connect with your community personally and build relations. What happens when that option is no longer available to that extent? My mind began racing, racing for answers.

Curiously, I woke up around 3 in the morning on Monday. Full of stamina, I got up and began working. As time flew by I noticed how energetically uplifted I had become. It felt like my whole body was restructuring itself to accommodate to this new situation. The next days, I woke up again around 3. I got up to be working, writing, organising, bookkeeping, financial planning. It was like I had entered a new realm of calmness in these early morning hours that made my mind sharp and crystal clear.

After a few days, the fog started lifting. Sorrow and grief entered. I had asked a friend of mine if she could write to my contacts and friends on Instagram to let them know about my whereabouts. As I was typing the texts for her to send, I started feeling sad. I looked up the screenshots I hastily took of my instagram feed, stories and inbox, that I was able to retrieve on Sunday. Not many contacts were accessible to me to see on there. Here I was, with a handful of contacts on my screen, realising what I lost.

  • I lost English and German community.
  • I lost access to friends.
  • I lost future opportunities to take part in coaching containers since most create Facebook groups to interact.
  • I lost a way to be creative with videos and reels which just had reignited.
  • I lost tears.

I felt deprived, rejected, mistreated.

screenshot of an instagram notification
Screenshot of the Notification on Instagram

Moving on with determination

As I type and simultaneously process, I come the conclusion that this circumstance can only be a means to catapult me forward. Some magical test of spirit to show me that my worth is to be found in my selfly created foundations. That my whole life of prioritising independence has come to this shaken-up-opportunity to realise it. I am ready! Thanks Facebook for this tipping point in my life that will make me shine.

The questions left that arise for me and possibly for you:

  • What social values do we want to shape for the future?
  • What vision of the world do we want to create?
  • For ourselves and for humanity?
  • Have we thought and felt about how we truly want to live?

The revolution takes place in the holistic human being. Be human and you turn the world upside down.

Journey of my own oracle deck creation begins

Since 2017 I have wanted to create my own oracle deck. This year I followed this desire. Since this is my numerological year 1, a year of new beginnings and creating foundations, I have felt to wanting to start so many things. Hence in late August I did a personal raffle. I wrote a few pieces of paper with things I wish to do like learning street dance, creating an oracle deck, learning a new language and making my own Kimchi using a proper Korean Onggi Kimchi pot. I felt into each piece of paper and had to smile already when I held a certain one which I chose in the end. I seriously laughed out loud when I opened it to see it was the oracle deck. “Joke’s on me”, I thought, for putting it in there. 😀 So there I was, finally admitting to myself that NOW is the perfect divine time. I got excited and reassured.

Buddha-Kerzen-Statue und niedlicher Engel, der ein Herz hält mit Plastikschneeflocken
I have kept the raffle ticket on my altar since August.

About a week later, September 5th, I went for a walk to a nearby lake. I found a lovely secluded spot where I was able to connect with spirit. To my surprise I was immediately in contact with the spirit of the oracle deck. We conversed about the energy of the deck and what it would be used for. I took many notes. Her energy was so loving, gentle and firmly grounded. Right there at the lake I was able to grasp the intention which turned into about 20 sketches of oracle cards. I didn’t expect it to be so simple, honestly. I thought, that’s what they call to wait for the right time, it will come.

Before that moment I would not have been able to create a deck like that. I was meant to make the meaningful experiences of the past 5 years especially, and the prior years since my awakening. To be in training before I could move forward like this. Since 2017 I had been contemplating about the theme, the medium of art (digital or traditional) and organisational themes that had held me back to start. There was always something off or missing, I told myself, putting pressure on me. Not anymore.

The deck to be born is one about the spiritual awakening process as a human being. So far, 17 artworks on canvas have been created. The oracle cards and the booklet will hold information how to smoothly handle and live trough awakening regarding

  • expanding consciousness
  • emotions
  • mentality
  • earthly matters
  • relationships
  • energetic imprints
  • psychic abilities
  • intuitive living
  • multi-dimensional aspects
  • soul guidance
Abstraktes Kunstwerk mit Pilzen um ein goldenes Ei
One of the cards on 24 x 30 cm canvas – Golden Core / Transformation

No matter how far we think we have come, there are more steps ahead of us. Awakening is a process that needs attention and acting. I was in situations that I thought I’d never be in even with my intuitive connections and soul’s advises. Awakening is learning and recognising to see beyond what was thought to be impossible. It is also about braking free of constraints and boundaries in order to fully live as a spiritual being in human form. Furthermore it is exciting and unpredictable. A journey that can be both joyful and sorrowful. Awakening is about finding and holding balance in life. There is so much more about it than I can speak off in this paragraph. Hence an oracle deck is much more suitable to do just that.

My 3 favourite blog articles that I wrote in 2022

More Highlights in Pictures of 2022

Frau hält ein kleines abstraktes orange-blaues Gemälde in den Händen
Creating art for my home
Korb gefüllt mit gesammelten Pilzen auf Herbstblättern
Foraging mushrooms. Last time I did that was about 25 years ago. 😀
Kleines Mädchen mit Sommerhut rutscht eine Rutsche für Kleinkinder hinunter
2022 was a year of discovering new playgrounds. This is one of our favourites.
Sandburg Mandala
You can create art anywhere. Sandcastle mandala at the playground. Playing with sand calms me down.
Notizbuch mit Elefanten auf einem Teppich, umgeben von einer Klangschale und einer schamanischen Trommel
One of my many working spaces. I prefer sitting on the floor or sofa when I channel or do client’s soul work.
großes Gemälde auf einer Staffelei in den Farben grün und gelb gesprenkelt
One of the first paintings after my break. It was fun, intuitive and of no reason accept to create.
Frau und Kind in einem Park beim Besuch einer Kürbisausstellung mit einer großen Obelix-Statue
Adventure with my daughter at the pumpkin exhibition at the EGA park in Erfurt.
Baumstamm, der mitten im Wald vom Blitz getroffen wurde
This tree is truly a gem. It was struck by lightening. I could still smell the burned wood.
Hirschhornsumach mit roten Blättern im Herbst
Another natural inspiration. The popping colours of autumn are truly awakening.
Frau und kleines Mädchen fahren auf einem Karussell
At Oktoberfest in Erfurt. My daughter’s first ride on a merry-go-round. Now at the end of this year she has become a true expert riding on her own. I think she’s been on 10 different ones since this time. 🙂
kleine mittelalterliche Dorfkirche mit Turm vor einem strahlend blauen Himmel
Our first bike ride with my daughter to Dornheim to see the Traukirche (marry church) of the composer Johann Sebastian Bach.
Miniatur-Winterhausdekoration mit hellen Neonlicht
Christmas market in Arnstadt
Kirchenwand mit einer musikalischen Tonleiter Lichtdekoration im Winter
The light decoration at the Bachkirche in Arnstadt was so lovely, my heart was jumping.
album cover of korean pop artist psy
As much as I enjoy classical music, as much I enjoy Kpop! Psy was truly my musical saviour this year to keep me sane, especially with his song Everyday.

What awaits me in 2023

  • I am super excited to be publishing my first oracle deck. It will accompany anyone on their spiritual awakening journey who seeks reassurance, guidance and comfort.
  • Travelling is top of the list though I put it second here. 🙂 I haven’t travelled since 2019. It is about time for my globetrotter soul.
  • Since I have been studying Chinese for a couple of months, I have now just decided to do my HSK Level 1 Exam at the Konfuzius Institute in Erfurt in 2023. Just following my instinct in this moment.
  • Preparing my first online courses and organising retreats again. They will be meditative, artistic, intuitive, telepathic, energising and restorative.
  • Incorporating playing the Guqin in my meditative work and upcoming sound healing sessions.
  • Reopening my Etsy online shop. I will focus on creating more art again that uplifts the mood and energises the surroundings of my clients.
  • My motto of 2023 will be: Shine bright like a diamond.

Wow! This doesn’t give me any pressure at all. 😀 Thank goodness, 1 year is long.

Soul-guided through life

In gratitude
Lisa Beck

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