Hi, my name is Lisa!

Soul-guided trough Life, I inspire you to connect with your essence and live a life in joy.

Card reading holding Heart Chakra Card in hands
Either way, shift happens. Make it fun and enjoy the process.

In all friendships, relationships, work experiences, seminars, travels, solitary withdrawals, letting go processes; I was able to shape my personality, change my life perspective and grow spiritually.

The spiritual path, once taken, can be daunting, overwhelming, emotional, sometimes a bit fearsome. Yet it holds the most precious gifts, shifts, realisations, clarity, courageous willpower you’ll ever witness to experience for yourself.

I have gone from one shift to another. Even what felt like taking steps backwards, brought me a leap forward eventually.

In 2016 I started to evolve into the Soul Human Connection Guide that I am becoming now.

As I was lifting the veil to the spiritual realm via a telepathy seminar, held by Alfred Steinecker, I started to understand the vastness of all possibilities.

From then on I have regularly been in contact with my spirit guides, connected with multi-dimensional beings, star systems, channeled energies and communicated with different consciousnesses like the black hole, our sun, body cells, plants, animals, tarot cards to name a few.

During the past years I have been able to strengthen my skills as a medium and psychic through various client connections, channelings, facilitated telepathy workshops and retreats.

As my soul journey unfolds and my soul mission becomes clearer, I am committed to serve in order to co-create life on Earth that is filled with sparkles, joy, sincerity and light-heartedness.

In gratitude of serving you, Lisa Beck

Get to know me – Fun Facts

1. I have moved 28 times in 36 years.

2. I have travelled to 23 coutries in which 4 of those were my home for longer.

3. As a teenager, I participated in a badminton tournament in Makkovic, Canada.

4. I enjoyed dinner on the 122nd floor in the tallest building of the world Burj Khalifa.

5. I sang “When I fall in Love” in front of an entire High School.

6. I have stood on top of 4 volcanoes: Mount Etna, Teide in Tenerife, Hallasan on Jeju Island/ South Korea and Mount Batur in Bali.

7.  I connect deeply with the Dragon energies.

8. I freebirthed my daughter within 6 hours in 2020.

9. I love movies by Studio Ghibli and wish to visit the Ghibli Theme Park in Japan.

10. My favourite teas are Genmaicha, Hojicha and Pu Erh.

11. I feel more confident and clear at airports than at train stations.

12. I study Chinese and plan on doing the HSK Levels.

13. Music calms my nerves and balances my mind. That’s one of the reasons I am learning to play the Chinese instrument Guqin.

Feeling the liberating Goodess energies of Bali